Coco Caramel

COCO. Blue eyes, fair hair and freckles. She’s a tomboy who loves animals and wants to change the world . . .

Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she’s as headstrong as any of them . . .

Coco is crazy about animals and loves her riding lessons. When Caramel, her favourite pony at the stables, is sold, Coco scopes out the new owner – and she’s not happy about what she discovers. With big sister Honey going off at the deep end and Summer only just recovering from her eating disorder, there’s no-one at Tanglewood to help Coco out. Can Coco save Caramel alone – or will a new friend help her?

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Reviews of Coco Caramel

  1. A

    I love this book have read it again and again best series ever like Coco I want to be a vet I’m crazy about animals (especially sheep, ponies and horses)I love the environment so much my friend and I did a litter pick on our bikes on our way to school go ECO!!!!!

  2. D

    omgggggg! i am reading the CBG series and i LOVE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONNEEEE!! i’m on ‘life is sweet’ right now. They are awesome thanx so much Cathy! i saw info on this web at the end of every book and wanted to try it out! Love it, i was missing out.
    one of my FAVE characters is LAWRIIEEEEEE!! he is so cute!(My crush)

    i love his story and how he saves animals with Coco is adorbs!!
    Anyway, yeah The Chocolate Box Girls are AWESOME!

  3. D

    i have a small crush on Lawrie! OKAY MASSIVE CRUSH!!!!
    Thanx Cathy! this book was awesome!
    One of my faves actually and i love the continuation in ‘Life is sweet!’ it WAS sweet! So adorable and again, the one with coco was my fave! i’m currently reading the one with Ash (ugh i forgot the name, sorry)
    i am new to this web and it is awesome! I’ve always wannid to try it coz I’ve seen it at the back of every book!
    i love it!
    You are an awesome Author Cathy! Love your books! Again, Thank Youuuuuu!*


  4. D

    why do we have to wait ages for our comments to come throuugghhh!! :(((


  5. B

    BEST BOOK I EVER READ. so exciting and i nearly cried its soooo good. now i am reading INDIGO BLUE yay.

    10 out of 10

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