Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie’s Story

Alfie knew how he felt about Summer Tanberry from the moment he saw her dance.

As Valentine ‘s Day and Summer’s birthday approaches, Alfie is determined to find the perfect present to make her smile again. With the help of an old-friend he hatches what he thinks is the perfect surprise, but Summer’s twin sister Skye isn’t so sure . . .

Can Alfie make Summer’s dream come true without breaking her heart?

The first in a delicious series of eBook shorts from Cathy Cassidy.


Reviews of Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie’s Story

  1. m

    cathy cassidy is an amazing writer ive met her personally and read almost all her books my favirot is love from lexie and chocolate and flowers ;] xx

  2. l

    I want to read it SOOOOO bad! It sounds so amazing!

  3. d


    Can you tell me when Bittersweet and Chocolate and Flowers will come out in paperback please?

  4. A

    I’m kind of sad that these 4 books are only available as ebooks, am I the only person who still prefers the old fashioned paperback version of books? I’d love to discover more about Alfie, Finch, Jodie and Lawrie, but I’m not a ebook fan unfortunately. I tried, but it didn’t stick. I’m surprised Shay and Honey’s boyfriend (I’ve not started that one yet, so I don’t know his name don’t have their own books too…

  5. B

    Scratc that, I realised that life is sweet is those stories and more and both have their own stories. So, I guess Honey’s boyfriend is called Ash then. Spoiler alert, lol.

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I love my family, I love my animals, my home and my work. Of all my jobs, writing has to be the best – it’s the perfect excuse to daydream, after all!

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