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Friday 12 May 2017

You've been SOOOO patient... but at last I have picked the winners (from a hat, of course!). And I've found a few more copies of BROKEN HEART CLUB so there are going to be FIVE lucky winners!!!

Here goes... the winners are: ZARIN KHAN; EVA, age 11; WICTORIA MALKOWSKA, age 13; NYAH GALLAGHER, age 10; and LAUREN EMERALD, age 12. Please can all the winning readers EMAIL ME through the link on the website homepage with their full name and postal address, so I can get the books packed up and posted off!

Once I've heard from everyone on the winners list, there will be a NEW competition linked to my new book LOVE FROM LEXIE. It will go live soon and I thought I'd ask you all to do something to be eligible to win... but WHAT? Any ideas? All suggestions welcome, just post your thoughts below!

THANKS to all who entered, and see you soon!

Cathy xxx

24 Comments on WINNERS!!!

  • kate, age 11

    we could write about our fave cathy cassidy book then you could choose a winner i hope you like my suggestion p.s i cant wait for love from lexie to come out i have read all of your books and i am now craving to read the next one.

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love you so much!

  • Wiktoria Malkowska, age 13

    For the new competition, you could make us write a story of some sorts

  • Ebony, age 11

    You could write a book about one of your books main characters and make them meet one of The Chocolate Box Girls xx love Ebony

  • Anonymous commenter

    perhaps you could ask all of your readers to write a short story based on a particular theme? Perhaps description?

  • Anonymous commenter

    We could have to write a song if you wanted to link it to Love From Lexie

  • Ariana, age 13

    I think we should definitely, have to write a piece. Maybe a time when we lost something, weigher it was an object, a friend or ourselves.

  • Anonymous commenter

    We could write a song, poem, or story. They could be about anything, something that has happened in our lives, or could be a story about how much we all love your books. We could even write a short story on our own characters meeting other characters.

  • Anonymous commenter

    Well done!!!!

  • Eva, age 10

    Maybe we could write a short story about what we think LOVE FROM LEXIE will be about!

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