Marshmallow Skye

SKYE. Long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, smiley, individual, eccentric, kind . . .

Skye and Summer Tanberry are identical twins, and Skye loves her sister Summer more than anyone else in the world. They do everything together, but lately Skye's been feeling like second-best - it's the story of her life. And when her friend Alfie confesses he's fallen not for her, but for Summer, it hurts.

Skye wants to be her own person, but with an effortlessly cool twin, how can she? Will Skye ever step out of Summer's shadow and find her own chance to shine?

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Reviews of Marshmallow Skye
  • Lara, age 12

    Just reading this, and loving it so far! Lara xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cathy u r amazing!

  • Victoria, age 11

    This book is amazing touching and inspirin,totally me! This is my absolute favorite book and I love Skye soooo much. She's my hero! We'll done Cathy!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Cool book I really want it I've read cherry crush and it was amazingly Coolio

  • Red, age 13

    Best book ever! Love the serise cant wait for sweet honey

  • Alaska, age 13

    I think I am in live with Jamie Finch. Epic ending!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Read it in the school library- absolutely EPIC!

  • Grace, age 12

    I L O V E D this book!!! It was so romantic the way Skye dreamt about finch in the old fashion times and in modern life they met for real :-)

  • Joleigh, age 12

    This is my fav book and i even got it signed by cathy cassidy i love marshmallows

  • Katie, age 12

    Amazing I love it everyone should read it

  • Kate, age 12

    LOVED THIS BOOK! It was great... I think it's really good you're doing a series now!
    Thank you Cathy!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I really love your book marshmallow skye i feel out of all your characters this one i can relate to i am now reading your book for the second time and for world book day i am coming in as skye i really can't wait to read your new book about honey from your biggest fan ever

  • Benazira, age 11

    I totally adore skye and summer! it is like about me and my twin! my twin also loves ballet,carrot cakes and she is also older than me! Skye loves clothes like me and mashmallows! We also have 5 children in our family!

  • Anonymous commenter

    WOW! This book is amazing. It really tout me not to hide in people`s shadows and to be who i want to be thnx Cathy for this amazing book. My favourite book in the series so far!!!!!!

  • ❤Violetta❤, age 10

    Wow Cathy, seriously! Marshmallow Skye is Absolutely Amazing! Ever since I picked this book I haven't been able to drop it. Totally Ecstatic! When I saw Marshmallow Skye something just felt right, like it was my own story... Anyway, my rating for this book is 10/10! There was romance,friendship... and chocolate of course!! I have also read Cherry Crush, Dizzy, Sundae Girl, Summers Dream, Coco Caramel, Indigo Blue,Driftwood, Scarlett, Lucky Stars, Angel Cake, Ginger Snaps and Chocolate and Flowers!!
    Anyway's Cath, make sure you keep all those clever ideas for more books.....and 2 more things: 1. Please could you invite me to be a chocolate fairy and 2. Could you please make a film based on your books? I've been longing to see a film of yours... and if you do may I please help out as I love helping make Movies and I've helped before?
    Love You So Much ❤Cath and remember me as I'll be an Actor or Singer one day!
    Lots of Love,

    ❤Vilu, XXX❤

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love cathy cassidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruby, age 11

    I really love this book!! it is my favourite out of the chocolate box girls set!! well done Cathy!!! XX :-)

  • Joi, age 10

    Awwwww! This is the cutest book ever! I like Skye way more than Summer! Hope her and Jamie work out because I think it's meant to be.

  • Anonymous commenter

    I couldn't stop reading it I have not finished it yet because I am bringing it on holiday but I can't wait to read it Cathy Cassidy you are awesome

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love the book I think it's cool the way shay starts going put with shay honey is ready to murder them both

  • Emily, age 12

    This book is amazing and i loved the way Skye fell in love with Finch in her dreams then fell in love with the real Finch and the way Summer knew there was something wrong with Skye on their birthday party.

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