Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar

Meet the one and only DAIZY STAR!

Daizy is ready to dazzle everyone with her brand-new pink guitar – maybe she’ll even find her star quality!

But the Dad comes up with another crazy idea, which means swapping happy family life for milking African goats. Eeeek! Daizy needs a clever plan. . .

She’s got to win the Battle of the Bands, or she can say goodbye to all her friends, sleepovers and – worst of all – custard doughnuts. . .

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Reviews of Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar
  • Ananya, age 10

    An amazingly difficult problem clicks into Daizy's life when her father comes up with yet another crazy idea. Daizy has to find something to do about it, the Battle of the Bands, which she could just win and solve her problem. But with confusion, complications, and an unexpected stage disaster, how likely will it be that Daizy Star can keep her happy life with her family?

  • Alice, age 12

    Awsome! This books are the best! The drawing are really cute too! All my friends say "that's books a little kids book" I give it to them and they won't stop reading!

  • ashley, age 10

    i love this series its one of my favourite series and i love you Cathy Cassidy i really hope you can come to coventry.

  • Seren-Mai Fielding , age 9

    My little cousin Autumn loved this book and she's got all of the books in the series. She is now reading Shine on Daizy Star. She loves these books and she always makes me read them to her. She is six years old.

  • Simone, age 12

    im loving it the book is dope i agree with danielle the book was not boring #loving it

  • Pema Choden, age 12

    I love this book...it is very amazing most of all i loved the pink guitar of daisy....i want to read all the series....thank you miss Cathy..

  • Tshering Wangmo Dorji (Bhutan), age 12

    I love this book...!!!! thank you miss Cathy..

  • Madison, age 8

    My sister let me use her email address so I can comment on Daisy Star and the pink guitar! So far it's really good. Bye for now guys!

  • Danielle, age 12

    Apparently I am too old to read this book but I thought it was appropriate for my age. It was a really good book and I think there should be one from Becca's point of view. I don't think it was boring. I think it was really interesting :)

  • Anonymous commenter

    so good.

  • lulu, age 10


  • Anonymous commenter

    im going to love this book

  • Sophie-Skye, age 10

    Great book!

  • Libby, age 10

    Want it so bad give it to me I want it now or rock on and play the pink guitar and play some mushy songs

  • Anonymous commenter

    sooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!! me + ma mates are in a thrash metal punk band now!!!!!!!!!

  • Aislinn , age 12

    Another great book starring the lovely Daisy! OMG! I only realised now it's Cathy's illustrations! I always wondered 'what illustrator did that' and loved the cute drawings- wow. Cathy must be like the most creative person on the planet!!!!

  • Sandy, age 12

    I want the whole collection!!!! It is so amazing, I have never read a book this great!!! Cathy Cassidy has done it again.... (LOL)

  • Anonymous commenter

    i love all of the books i especially love daizy star books but i found this a bit to easy thanks

  • Hannah, age 10

    I enjoyed it but not as much as the others like bitter sweet and marshmallow Skye and the rest of the books. I thought it was a bit easy to tell what the story line was going to be because it just was easy to tell what was coming next I would recommend the book to poeple aged 7 to 8.I
    ps. I enjoyed it though

  • jodiann, age 11

    i love this book it is so good
    i love it

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