Letters to Cathy

All the questions you ever wanted to ask Cathy Cassidy. OUT NOW.

Have you ever had a crush?
Fallen out with your best friend?
Cathy Cassidy is here for you.

There are no questions Cathy hasn't been asked and isn't afraid to answer, from growing-up to dating, making friends, following your dreams and much more. Through the happy times, the mad and crazy times and the days when you simply find yourself asking 'Why? '- whatever's bugging you, Cathy can help . . .

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Reviews of Letters to Cathy
  • Anonymous commenter

    Hey Cathy

  • Kate, age 14f

    Your books are excellent, GingerSnaps is great! Have all The Chocolate Box Girls read, please write more


  • Anonymous commenter

    Hey Cathy! In school,two of my best friends (Who don't like each other and are complete opposites!) are ALWAYS arguing and i'm always in the middle of it all:( It's really irritating but how do i make peace between them!

    P.S I really love reading your books. They are so awesome and I have ALL of them stacked on my bookshelf. I've read all of them at least twice;) <3

  • Megan, age 10

    Hi I'm Megan I went to your book signing and you sent a letter back to me and I take it every where I feel so special that u replied and I got a book signed for me and Olivia ,she came second in her gymnastics competition,and we got the book looking glass girl signed for me and daisy star ooh la la for Olivia so thank you so much I love your books

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hey Cathy,
    I absolutely love your chocolate box stories, they are amazing! I also LOVE your book Scarlett!I don't know how you write such brilliant books, can you give some tips?
    From Katie.

  • Hannah Carter, age 12

    Dear Cathy,
    I absolutely love reading books. I especially love reading books before I go to bed. If I don't understand a word I make a note of it and when I have finished reading I always search it up on the internet. Surprisingly, I think the girl I am most like in the chocolate is probably Honey. If you asked my parents how much of a drama queen they would be having a huge list.
    I am planning to get a collection of your books.
    Please make loads of them.
    I will be saving up my money.
    From Hannah
    (I met you at Bullers Wood School)

  • Anonymous commenter

    hi cathy,
    you came to my school today, can you write a book about me and my friends were called nature club and we support snowmen, cactus, leaves, frogs, roses and more we want to change the world an what are your daydreaming tips

  • nature club gallllsss, age 7

    hi cathy its me and my friends here we have formed a club called nature club nonone will come except us so will you write book about us and our club we sponser snowmen ants frogs leaves roses ducks and more write a book on how unpoppular we are and how we want to hel the world thank you i saw you today whats yourday dreaming tips ?

  • Jena, age 12

    hey cathy I have literally read all your books?
    Can you give me tips on getting two friends who had a fight to make up again?
    ideas? things I should do?

  • Selena, age 11

    Hi Cathy! I met you in Walsall last Tuesday. I love your books so much! I am emailing you from my best friends account (an amazing friend) because on Tuesday I sent you a box of chocolates, on your website. I wish you could make a few more books!
    love u, Selena xxxxx My best friend will tell me your reply, and hopefully she will text me and i will tell her what to tell you.
    Until next time, BYE! xxx

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hi Cathy I saw you at Fairfield high school in Bristol today,
    So I have a group of friends who i am really close to the only thing is there is another group who dont get on so well with my friends. We had a real argument before and they haven't really been taking the fact in that I'm there friend. Also I have been having thus problem for ages. Could you help me to get rid of it. By the way I really love your books. Cant wait to read fortune cookie I also want to become a writer or close to that. How do I get to be that. I won the children writing challenge so I think I'm pretty close. Thank you for reading.

  • Kavina Keshav, age 11

    Hi Cathy
    I am a big fan of you! You write really good books! You came to Walsall Studio School on Tuesday and I really enjoyed listening to you. I bought the book Fortune Cookie and I cannot wait to start reading it.I have read nearly all of your books. What are your tips on daydreaming?
    Kind regards,
    Kavina xx

  • scarlet, age mitchell

    hiiii cathy i have writen to you before, and you replied back to me... i just got your new book this christmas and already started reading it its so amazing and insprational how can you right as good as that, you inspire me a hell of a lot within your writing and yourself please write back too me i love you loads scarlet xx<3 xxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hi Cathy,

    I love your books. They have really inspired me and helped me especially summers dream as I am like her and I love to dance.

    I have 2 friends. The first one is called **n* and the second ***y. One of my friends the most interesting funny person but see prefers to be with my other friend who I am not as keen on. Just because she doesn't think before she talks and sometimes she really offends you. She also wears tones of makeup and we go to an all girls school so what is the point. My other friend has also started acting like her. Wearing makeup and each day I can swear that her skirt travels about 2 centimetres more every day. She has now started leaving me out but wont confront me about what is wrong. What should I do to stop her from hanging a girl who I hate or how should I start with my friendships all over again.

    Can't wait till your next book comes out. I'll be waiting. It doesn't matter if you don't see this. I just had to get it out of my system.

    Love ****** xxxxxxxxx

  • Trinity, age 12

    Hi Cathy I love your books they are thoughtfull, cool and help me get through lots of everyday life challenges, I wanted to ask your advice, my appetite has gone and my mum thinks I've got anorexia, its not my fault I just cant help it. I don't want to end up like summer in summers dream please help me, love Trinity XxXxX

  • Amelie , age 12

    Hi cathy
    Everyone at school are massive fans of you. At the school library the teachers are now inviting authors to come in and talk about themselves and why they write
    I was wondering if you could come. I've seen in other comments that you have come to schools so why not give ours a try
    From Amelie
    If so than please email me and I will give you the adress

  • Hannah, age 13

    Can you write about your books and which one you love?

  • Anonymous commenter

    I really need some help! I really like a boy in my class but I really really don't know what to do.What should I do? I don't know if he knows.Everyone teases me and I just don't know what to do! please help!

  • Joliena, age 11

    If I got to choose just one book to stay on earth, I would choose one of Cathy Cassidy's amazing books. My favourite book is Letters to Cathy, and my favourite chapter is Boys Boys Boys because I make so many boyfriends at my young age, they always seem to break up with me........... GO CATHY CASSIDY. YOUR THE BEST ON PLANET EARTH. :)()()()

  • Krystal, age 11

    Hi Cathy, I have been one of your biggest fans for ages and your books are life changing. The first book that I wave read of yours was Letters To Cathy, and I would recommend the book 10 out of 10! You are such a good author. When I grow up I want to be just like you. :)

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