Letters to Cathy

All the questions you ever wanted to ask Cathy Cassidy. OUT NOW.

Have you ever had a crush?
Fallen out with your best friend?
Cathy Cassidy is here for you.

There are no questions Cathy hasn't been asked and isn't afraid to answer, from growing-up to dating, making friends, following your dreams and much more. Through the happy times, the mad and crazy times and the days when you simply find yourself asking 'Why? '- whatever's bugging you, Cathy can help . . .

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Reviews of Letters to Cathy
  • Fiona, age 13

    Hey Cathy!
    I literally love all your books!
    But anyway I really like this guy and we've been friends for years and I know he doesn't feel the same. Everybody else thinks he does and they think we should go out. but I know he does feel the same. To be honest I'm not sure how I feel.
    What do I do?
    Do I tell him?
    Any advice?
    I hop you can help me. And letters to Cathy was brilliant!

  • Lynda, age 12

    J aime beaucoup la série de livre (les filles au chocolat)j aimerais pas quelle s arrête cette série donc je me permais de vous donné une idée

  • Verity, age 12

    Your books are amazing (I am not going to spotlight one because they are all amazing). Where did you get your ideas from? They are fantastic! When did you suddenly decide that you wanted to be an author? Was it because you had talent? Everybody had=s different talents and multiple, but what made you choose writing?

    Love Verity s Dream

  • Brion, age 13

    Hi Cathy!
    Its me again..so i received your email,thanks for the advise but the thing is im not writing a short story..my story actually has 23 chapters so my natural science teacher said that she'd correct it for me..don't you know of any publishers that i can contact in SOUTH AFRICA,CAPE TOWN..?!?!

  • Brion, age 13

    Dear cathy cassidy
    I still can't believe im doing this! Im just a regular girl writing to the BEST author ever! So yeah,i want to become a artist just like you!I've already written a book and all my friends say its AWESOME. So what do i do? To who do i send it? So I've read two of your books and it just keeps me going...

  • lucy, age 12

    Loved the quote at the end made me smile

  • strawberry, age queen

    i absolutely love your books they are so funny emotional inspiring and totally addicting my favorites would have to be the chocolate box girls and gingersnaps and indigo blue i have always wanted to write books because i get so many ideas and you have totally inspired me to do so i always look foward to reading your books and reread them becasue they are so amazing thank your for everything

  • Anonymous commenter

    I absolutely love your books and enjoy reading them. you are my number one author and I would just like to say that your books are fantastic!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hi Cathy!
    My twin and I are big fans of the series, The Chocolate Box Girls. This is actually a question that I really don't want unanswered! One day when I was walking at High Cliff Beach, I looked around at all the big houses around me. Then I saw one house that caught my eye. A big house with a gravel and stone pathway. The house had a sign saying... Tanglewood (and two numbers) MY TWIN AND I WERE SO SHOCKED. Just to mention we were near the woods walking to a beach. I couldn't believe it. Even better, on our way back home, I saw this cool path that led into the forest. My grandpa said it led to a caravan site. I'm pretty sure that there aren't 5 girls in the house with the last name of Tanberry. But my grandma said Tanglewood isn't a common house name, and with all of the signs that follow the books description of Tanglewood, I couldn't help believing that you have some connection to this house. So I want to ask, do you know anything about a real Tanglewood house. Is the house based on any house in real life? Please email me back the answer since where I live I won't find the book, Letters to Cathy easily. Please reply soon!

  • Susannah, age 12

    Hey Cathy! I started reading your books when I was about 9 and I love them. My favourite of all time has to be Summer's Dream. I really felt connected to her and even felt quite emotional for her. I was very upset that she didn't get to achieve her dream, so when I recently read your short story about Ash, I was very excited to hear that Summer was going then after all. I've decided to write a fan fiction about that. Does anyone know any good websites?

  • Anonymous commenter

    hey I love your books and have read nearly all of them. Although I have a problem
    two of my best friends are falling apart as on is growing up a lot faster then my other friend and me (this is not a problem for me but she is not so close ) what should I do ?
    ps. I really LOVE your books

  • Kate, age 9

    Hi CC, I've just found out about you and your books and I love them!!! I just can't put them down! You are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I would love to meet you someday.My favourite book is Sundae Girl,it's so heartwarming. I ❤️ You!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Every one says my periods should start soon but I don't know what they are should I be nervous?

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hey Cathy

  • Kate, age 14f

    Your books are excellent, GingerSnaps is great! Have all The Chocolate Box Girls read, please write more


  • Anonymous commenter

    Hey Cathy! In school,two of my best friends (Who don't like each other and are complete opposites!) are ALWAYS arguing and i'm always in the middle of it all:( It's really irritating but how do i make peace between them!

    P.S I really love reading your books. They are so awesome and I have ALL of them stacked on my bookshelf. I've read all of them at least twice;) <3

  • Megan, age 10

    Hi I'm Megan I went to your book signing and you sent a letter back to me and I take it every where I feel so special that u replied and I got a book signed for me and Olivia ,she came second in her gymnastics competition,and we got the book looking glass girl signed for me and daisy star ooh la la for Olivia so thank you so much I love your books

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hey Cathy,
    I absolutely love your chocolate box stories, they are amazing! I also LOVE your book Scarlett!I don't know how you write such brilliant books, can you give some tips?
    From Katie.

  • Hannah Carter, age 12

    Dear Cathy,
    I absolutely love reading books. I especially love reading books before I go to bed. If I don't understand a word I make a note of it and when I have finished reading I always search it up on the internet. Surprisingly, I think the girl I am most like in the chocolate is probably Honey. If you asked my parents how much of a drama queen they would be having a huge list.
    I am planning to get a collection of your books.
    Please make loads of them.
    I will be saving up my money.
    From Hannah
    (I met you at Bullers Wood School)

  • Anonymous commenter

    hi cathy,
    you came to my school today, can you write a book about me and my friends were called nature club and we support snowmen, cactus, leaves, frogs, roses and more we want to change the world an what are your daydreaming tips

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