Angel Cake

Will Anya's new beginning have a happy ending?

'I'm excited about moving, but scared as well . . .'

Anya used to dream of moving to Britain to start a brand-new life. But as she sits in a school where nobody understands her, she dreams of Polish summer skies and the place where she once belonged.

Then Anya meets bad boy Dan. He's no angel, but she's sure there's a sweeter side to him. And when things begin to fall apart, Anya realizes she's not alone - how can Dan be such bad news when being with him feels like heaven?

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Reviews of Angel Cake
  • Ella, age 10

    I really enjoyed this book because I am from Liverpool and it talks about my area and it was absolutely amazing. I love dreaming as well!!! xxx

  • Praketi Thapa, age 13

    This is the coolest book i've ever read!! i love this book!!!

  • Saleha, age 12

    I love this book soo much! I've read it more than 5 times and it melts my heart every time. One of my favorite books ever! Keep making more, Cathy! Love you x

  • Chloe, age 12

    Amazing book just fantastic the friendship between Dan and Anya is amazing this is a got to read book I love Cathy Cassidy books .

  • Kylie, age 14

    I have most of you're books they are amazing, I love the way how you write them. It is different to all of the other books I've read (and there are ALOT). Angel cake is by far one of my favourite books of all time. You are a very skilled and amazing writer keep doing what you do!

  • Kelly, age 13

    Hey Cathy,
    A few days back I was getting out of class with my mate we where talking about ur books when I saw my mum,and so I said goodbye to my mate then hoped into the are and screamed literally screamed when I saw Angle Cake,my mate was across the road from my car,I had to show here then I did something weird,I pressed the book up against the window smiling she noticed then nodded her head smiling.The next day we where lol ing about how excited is was. :D :p
    Now I'm addicted to them and can't stop reading Cathy Cassidy books!
    I've read most of ur books.:D
    Thx for being such a great writer Cathy. :D
    Cyas later ez Cathy

  • Anya, age 15

    Hi my names Anya, I know cool when I saw this in the library which my friend picked out for me she was like OMG Anya! A book about you! I was lol oh yeh lol she was like read it read it imagine if its about you and she was like it looks a bit like yu then skin the hair, so I was like okay why not? And after I read this book I fell in love with it because it kinda resembles my life thank you Cathy you are an inspiration :D x

  • Adjoa Duah, age 12

    I have 8 of Cc's books and angel cake is one of the best!

  • Adjoa Duah, age 12

    best book eva!!!1

  • Leila , age 10-11 11 IN JULY!!!!

    I've not read the book, but I can't wait to read it!!!!

  • caitlin louise hoare, age 12

    This book is fantastic ive read it twice and im reading it again! now i want to open my own cafe<3

  • ♥AngelCake♥, age ♥13♥

    ♥I love this book! I have read all your books besides the new ones that are out...♥
    I will read them thought♥
    ♥keep up with the lovely books Cathy Cassidy♥
    ♥See you this summer!♥

  • Sarah, age 12

    I LOVED this book so sad but so romantic!!!!

  • katie, age 11

    I could not take my eyes of this book, your the coolest writer cathy keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    This is my fav book!!

  • Ann Maria Sibi, age 9 and a half

    I LOVE your books (ok I haven't read them all I have only read 4 of the books). And this one is my fave out of all the books I have read. Keep on writing Cathy Cassidy! :)

  • katie , age 12

    i love this book so much it was so sad i almost cryed

  • Taiga, age 12

    This book is one of my favourite books, from the love story and to the problems she faces at home, when I finished the book the first thing I wanted to do was reread it, I fell in love with the idea of one of these days Anya and Dan would get fictionally married and then i pictured what their kids oughta look like! They are soo cute!

  • Anonymous commenter


  • loujig, age 13

    Love, Love, Loved it it has anything a girl wants in a book. My only question is why isn't there any more detail? what happens between Anya and Dan? How Does the Angel Cake business go? Just a Suggestion for the future.
    Love your books Cathy, keep up the good work, Happy Writing!
    Lots of love from Jordy.

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