Angel Cake

Will Anya's new beginning have a happy ending?

'I'm excited about moving, but scared as well . . .'

Anya used to dream of moving to Britain to start a brand-new life. But as she sits in a school where nobody understands her, she dreams of Polish summer skies and the place where she once belonged.

Then Anya meets bad boy Dan. He's no angel, but she's sure there's a sweeter side to him. And when things begin to fall apart, Anya realizes she's not alone - how can Dan be such bad news when being with him feels like heaven?

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Reviews of Angel Cake
  • Jane, age 10

    I am simply bubbling with excitement that Cathy's new book is almost released! Angel Cake seems fab, sweet and cool - just like the author! It has a really good plot and and it seems like it's going to be her best ever book! I can't wait to buy it and dig in. Go Cathy and keep on Writing!

  • Mia, age 11

    I have read all of your books and Angel Cake was by far the best.
    I can't wait to read more of your amazing books.
    Keep on writing!!!!!!!!!!

    From Mia (your #1 fan)!

  • Chelsey, age 11

    I CANT WAIT!!!! to read Angel Cake, i have read all cathys other books, i keep reading the little prview of this book in the back of ginger snaps!! Giner snaps is my FAVE!!! <3

    love Chelsey ;)

  • Ronnie, age 12

    I can't wait for it to come out! It sounds just as awesome as all ya other books! Rock on CC!

  • Tanya, age 12

    hi cathy! youre the coolest! luv you! your books rocks! i love reading them! there is always something new in everybook! you help me to enjoy reading so much! thanks a lot!

  • Lisa, age 12

    it is a really snazzy book and i really think that it is sort of like me. i think it is one of the best books ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanne, age 11

    I luv all of your books and i can't wait of ANGEL CAKES to come out in store.

  • Charl, age 12

    Cathy cassidy is just the best author in the whole world she totally rocks I cant wait to read this book
    Keep writing :)

  • Britt, age 13, Australia

    angel cake is awesome! it took 3 days to read and i loved it so much. i wish it could be made into a movie.
    great job!

  • Sarah, age 11

    mega cool i have read all the other books exept this one and cant wait for it to come out in the shops :)

  • Eimear, age 11


  • Alexa, age 11


  • Syndu, age 11

    Aw.. I cant wait to get Angel Cake; it looks brill like all of Cathy Cassidy other books!! u rockk!! XX

  • Issie, age 10

    I can't wait for this book to come out! I think i have read all the books apart from this one! Cathy you are a true hero writing these books! I read them all apart from gingersnaps when i was nine and then i read gingersnaps when i turned ten and now i want to read angel cake before i turn 11! You have inspired me loads so thanks cathy! x

  • Jess, age 13

    OMG!! you are the coolest writer eva!

    i love all your books and i hope that one day i will have them all! keep writing awesome books

    luuv u lots cathy
    from jess

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