Angel Cake

Will Anya's new beginning have a happy ending?

'I'm excited about moving, but scared as well . . .'

Anya used to dream of moving to Britain to start a brand-new life. But as she sits in a school where nobody understands her, she dreams of Polish summer skies and the place where she once belonged.

Then Anya meets bad boy Dan. He's no angel, but she's sure there's a sweeter side to him. And when things begin to fall apart, Anya realizes she's not alone - how can Dan be such bad news when being with him feels like heaven?

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Reviews of Angel Cake
  • Pippa, age 10

    Wow I have got three of your books, and I want some more!! I really enjoyed angel cake it was amazing romantic, funny and generally wonderful!! Now I have started the book sundae girl and I'm really enjoying it!!

  • 1DFan, age 9

    OMG, so touching and funny! I know someone like all the characters, so fits my own life perfectly!!!!! Thanks for this angelic book, Cathy!! X

  • Millie, age 11

    Love this book! Anya is so nice!!! keep writing Cathy! Love all the chocolate box girls too!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I read the extract and decided......I TOTALLY WANT THIS BOOK! But the problem is I live in India and I can't find the book anywhere ;-; Is there a way to read the book? I really,really want to! I read the extract like 10 times already.Please help me

  • Melissa, age 11

    OMG OMG OMG! I luv ur books soooooo much. I've read each of them at least 7 times. I prefer your romantic books though

  • shanzey, age 10

    I love your books and angel cake is the best yet i am a big fan i have read all your books please please make more books my life is nearly like anyas.

  • Olivia , age 13

    Omg ❤️❤️ I love this book when Dan and Anya get together it's so amazing My favourite Cathy Cassidy books are bitter sweet I love shay and and angel cake my favourite is dan and Anya and I love cherry crush aswell I love when shay and cherry get together

  • Annabel, age 14

    Wow ! Love this book! Dan and anya are perfect x Please make another! Angel cake2 ! Awesome x

  • jessica , age 13


  • Whitney, age 12

    Hey!! Omg Ive Read Your Book 5 Times Now Only Just Finished The Last Page of it and Every time ive read it ive wondered if your gunna make a Angel Cake 2 please do because Im just like fallen In love with Dan with his lush look :)

  • Anonymous commenter

    OMG! Cathy u r amazing ur novels r so kool and gripping i wish i could write like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angel cake is a 2 the mazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • munira, age 11

    I had a friend just like that cathy you made this story come alive well done

  • Audrey H, age 14

    You're like one of my favorite authors ever! Ive read most of your books and angel cake is my fave! I read it at a local library but i want my own copy. Ive been to soooo many bookstores yet they dont sell ANY of your books (i live in indonesia btw) maybe you could help me get a copy :)

  • Ashleigh, age 17

    I'm from South Africa and I read this book back in 2009.
    I used to be a major fan of these books when I was in my tweens and can honestly say, Mrs Cassidy, that your books were amazing to read when I made that transition into early adolescence! I really recommend all your books to readers around the age of 12-14, I enjoyed them so much! Especially Angel Cake, Anya and Dan were perfect! And this book was filled with insight on Polish culture!

  • Bjork, age 15

    i really like ur books i havemost of your books but i haven't started to read Angle cake but i've got it and can't wait.

  • Shanii, age 11

    This has to be the best book I've ever read!

  • Rabia , age 12

    I love this book I really do think that it is amazing well done Cathy!!! Also my favourite part is when Dan and Anya get together!! Well done you're an amazing writer!!!

  • Genny, age 9

    I like your books

  • Sarah, age 12

    I love this book especially when Dan and Anya get together I have already read it 6 times!!! Also I think Cathy Cassidy deserves a round of applause for this book. Well Done Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shahd, age 11

    i looooove your book i dont want to finish it . by the way your books have reached to Bahrain , its a country near Saudi Arabia in the Arabian peninsula

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