Shine on Daizy Star

A brand new series for Cathy Cassidy – perfect for little sisters or as a mini read for existing fans!

Meet the one and only Daizy Star!

She's quirky and cool and loving life in Year Six with her best friends Willow and Beth. But when Dad hatches a mad plan that will turn life upside-down, Daizy is too horrified to tell anyone at all . . . and pretty soon she finds herself tangled up in a knot of secrets and lies. Will Daizy realize that even when she's sinking, her friends and family are there to help her swim?

Complete with gorgeous illustrations by Cathy herself!

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Watch a video of Cathy talking about this book here.

Find out more about Daizy’s world here

Reviews of Shine on Daizy Star
  • Emily, age 9

    i loved this book i was just wondering when the next one in the serious is coming out !!!! :D

  • Rosie, age 10

    When i readed shine on dazy star it was soo cool i loved it out of all the cathy cassidy books iv read SO FAR the best is shine on daizy star and i like the pictures cool cathy and iv got all of your collection now woo hoo.

  • Holly, age 11

    This book is so cool and funny! Daizy is so much like me! This is one of the best books ive ever read! Thankyou god for this book!!!

  • Nancy, age 9

    I absoloutly love this book its Ace especially when the sock comes out of Daizys swimsuit. I love your books!

  • Sophie, age 10

    it's ssoo cool! I read it in about two hours! it's easy to relate to the charecters. it's funny, emotional and fabulous!
    shine on cathy!!!!

  • Alice, age 9

    This book is fantastic! I do recommend it. It rocks. Cathy Cassidy rocks!

  • Katie, age 13

    Have just finished reading this book, literally a sec ago. it freaked me out, because Daizys life is so similar to mine!! Not only does her dad teach her how to swim, and print her off a certificate on the computer, he's going through a midlife crisis. and she also has to deal with a vain boy with blonde spiky hair he can't leave alone who just so happens to be called ETHAN, come and do heroics after she twists her ankle on a field.

    ... all of which has happened to me...

    Just saying. I mean, i'm pretty freaked out right now... LOL

    EnglishBookworm x

  • Andrea, age 9

    I love the book so much I like Pixie shes so mermaid obsessed!

  • Georgia

    I thought it was absolutely amazing - I can't wait until somemore come out!!=]

  • Sarah

    This book was one of the best books i have ever read!keep going Cathy you books are fantastic!!

  • Phoebe, age 11

    I Loveeeed This Book It Was Fantastic ! I Was A Fan Of Jacqueline Wilson But When I Read A Book Of Yours I Thought That It Was Totally Wicked ! Now Cathy Cassidy And Jacqueline Wilson Are My Fave Authors :D

  • Khadija, age 8

    It was a great read and very funny.I also like Scarlett it is good fun and I like it when Scarlett escapes.

  • Gemma, age 10

    This book is really good and interesting , i love all the different character and names .The libary manager asked me to recomend a book from the libary and i chose daizy star .

  • Paramore girl, age 13

    it was soo awesome and i absolotely loved becca! Also i liked daizy. this book is so brilliant i hope theres a sequel!

  • Eva, age 11

    hey cathy i think your book about daizy star is on real i really like it so i'm going to read it agian please write another book about here thanks
    for the best book ever

  • Sophie, age 10

    OMG!! It rocks my SOCKs off! it is the best Cathy Cassidy book! { that I have read anyway!} shine on Cathy!!!!

  • Gigi, age 11

    i thought this book was fantastic i loved it so much

  • Emily, age 10

    I Total LOVE shine on,Daizy Star i love it sooo much the caractars and all that its sooo amazing please do a book signing near me please please please please

  • Lois, age 11

    WOW! This book is amazing. Carry on using your daydream excuse because when ever you day dream your books become brill and fab

  • Georgia, age 7

    Shine on Daizy Star is my favourite book out of all the Cathy Cassidy books i've read.I think it is a brilliant book and I recommend it to young readers.

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