Shine on Daizy Star

A brand new series for Cathy Cassidy – perfect for little sisters or as a mini read for existing fans!

Meet the one and only Daizy Star!

She's quirky and cool and loving life in Year Six with her best friends Willow and Beth. But when Dad hatches a mad plan that will turn life upside-down, Daizy is too horrified to tell anyone at all . . . and pretty soon she finds herself tangled up in a knot of secrets and lies. Will Daizy realize that even when she's sinking, her friends and family are there to help her swim?

Complete with gorgeous illustrations by Cathy herself!

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Watch a video of Cathy talking about this book here.

Find out more about Daizy’s world here

Reviews of Shine on Daizy Star
  • Anonymous commenter

    cathy cassidy is my favourite author iv almost read all of her books, i recomend people should read the series of DAIZY STAR because they are very good books. i feel sorry for daizy though because her life gets tipped up side down! poor daizy, shes lucky shes got 3 caring friends, Willow, Beth and murthy who are allways there for her!!! :) :)

  • Ellie, age 10

    i think the book is realy good and its my favourite out of all her books

  • Anonymous commenter

    Dear Cathy,
    Can you do a reading comprehension for your books?
    Can you give us questions about your books?
    Can you send us free worksheets to dowload and print and do?
    I really need them to improve my English skills. Especially with the exams coming up (in two days)..................................

  • Ana, age 11

    Shine on Daizy Star is one of my favorite book, it is inspiring and helps girls out there who are around the age of Daizy who have dreams and are frightened of something out there. I highly recommend this book as i myself a book worm say that this book is inspiring to those in need of a really good book.

  • Karla, age 10

    WOW- I can`t believe how good the book was. I normally hate reading but i couldn`t put the book down. It was awesome and there were no boring bits, you just wanted to keep reading and reading.

  • Skye, age 10

    i took this book out of the library and i realy realy loved it!!! i am ten, eleven in october. i finished daisy star in half a day its the best book ever!!!im giving it to all my pals.xoxo

  • Fifee, age 9

    With Cathy Cassidy's writing, Daizy Star shone on!!! Cathy Cassidy's an asset!!!

  • Skye, age 10

    best book ever!!! Cathy u rock!!! Daisy star and the pink guitar here i come.[if its out in south africa yet]LOL.OMG.WOW.AWSOME!!! with out words the best book ever!!!XOXO

  • Gemma, age 9

    I Really liked Shine on Daizy Star because Daizy had so many different plans and ideas.

  • Zarky, age 10

    I've read a tiny bit of the book before I had 2 give it back 2 my BF!
    I was so awesome i couldn't take my eyes off it!

  • Jenny, age 12

    It has a very good morral about you never should lie and shows if you do how much faster you will sink.It is a great book to read. Its funny exiting and has a good morral I would recomend it very highly.

  • Lilli, age 10

    omg my freind got me lucky star,dizzy,indigo blue,scarlet,drift wood and sundae girl for my bithday one year then i went to whsmith and saw peace love and choclate so i bourt it then i saw daisy star in asda and got that too and letters to cathy and now its like another land i didnt know exsisted cathy your my best athour please never stop writing you rock!!!!!!!

  • Niamh, age 8

    It`s a COOL and CRAZY book! I really enjoyed this book.

  • Hannah, age 11

    This is the best book I have evr read! Even my Sister loves it and she's a non-reader (you know what I mean).

  • Rachel, age 8

    cool is there a contiuing story thats as interesting as this one. cos I love sine on daisy star.

  • Vicky, age 9

    i love this book its funny and realy good to read

  • Bexxy, age 10

    i read this book in 2 days and i couldn't put it down. Best cathy cassidy bok ever!

  • Ronnie, age 12

    well it was a good and intresting book to read. what i really liked was that when she put the socks in here swiming costume and it fell out that made me laugh till i cryed. when i first got the book i read it then suddenly i was like trapped in the book, i swear if i got the book early in the morning like 8:oo i would have finished at like 10:oo. i didn't like beth and willow because when daizy didn't invite them over her house they didn't be daizy's friend but what if daizy had problems like really bigg problems at home like she wet her bed would they like that noooo. daizy big sister her being a goth was kind of scary. i wonder you at the end of the story and the dad has another plan i wander what it was!

  • Clara, age 10

    I loved shine on daizy star it is funny and cool!

  • Beth, age 12

    It sounds really cool, I'm getting it tomorrow I probally won't read any other book for ages just this one over and over again...:)

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