Shine on Daizy Star

A brand new series for Cathy Cassidy – perfect for little sisters or as a mini read for existing fans!

Meet the one and only Daizy Star!

She's quirky and cool and loving life in Year Six with her best friends Willow and Beth. But when Dad hatches a mad plan that will turn life upside-down, Daizy is too horrified to tell anyone at all . . . and pretty soon she finds herself tangled up in a knot of secrets and lies. Will Daizy realize that even when she's sinking, her friends and family are there to help her swim?

Complete with gorgeous illustrations by Cathy herself!

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Watch a video of Cathy talking about this book here.

Find out more about Daizy’s world here

Reviews of Shine on Daizy Star
  • Anonymous commenter

    Shine on Daizy Star was the 1st book i read in year 5! It was absolutely Brilliant!
    out of 100% i'd give it 99%. The 1% is There could be more pics! m

  • Yasmin, age 10

    I loved this book and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

  • Jasia, age 9

    I really like this book! It is the first Cathy Cassidy book i've read and when I finished this book I knew that I was going to read more!

  • Anonymous commenter

    WHAT A GOOD BOOK it is totally a good read no it is a FABULOUS read love the tension created soothed out at the end and then what is dads second plan OH NO!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I absouletly loved this book,
    So great I just didn't want to put it down!!!

  • Miku, age 9

    AWESOME! I love cathy cassidy's books! o3o ~Miku

  • Abbie S., age 10

    This is a really good book, as good as all of Cathy's other books, even though it features a younger character, It's quite good, despite the cheesy title.

  • Anonymous commenter


  • Divya, age 15

    This is an amazing book. It's funny and smart and indulging. Even at the age of 15, when I am sad after reading dark books, I find warmth, love and innocence in this book.

  • amelia ellen johnston , age 10 1/2 :^)

    hello cathy!!
    i just dropped in to give you a little bit of a review
    i can say i quite injoyyd this book :^)
    all the karacters were very well written and i am so ahppy to hav read it thank u <3

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book and im going to dress up as her on book week but what does she wear

  • Anonymous commenter

    I think Daizy sounds very cool and I am going to dress up as her for world book day!

  • Estelle, age 11

    Wow, that story is so tense at school I didn't want to stop reading it. This book left me on tender hooks.I especially love the ending!♡

  • suhana, age 13

    Best book ever
    I have read all your books and cant wait to read even more
    thanks for the beautifully illustrated books
    your biggest fan

  • Anonymous commenter

    The book Shine on daisy star is a really good. It explains how life turns out to be when you start telling lies just because you think that its embarrassing. The end does turn out to be great when Daizy can finally swim properly.

  • Arianna, age 11

    I love this book
    I love all of your books
    There so cool and fun to read

  • Shriya, age 11

    This book is amazing! It got me in to it so quickly...
    I've read 2 of daizy star books and they both are equally amazing...

  • Anonymous commenter

    The book shine on Daisy Star was my first read of a Cathy Cassidy book.
    Well done Cathy , before I read this book I hated reading you have changed my mind.
    The book made me feel as if I was Daisy tangled up in a lot of secrets and lies.
    I managed to read the book in 4-5 days reading as much as possible every night.
    I have got the book Marshmallow Skye and just cannot wait to read it.
    Your BEST Fan

  • Charlotte, age 10

    I've just finished it at school, I loved it! xxx

  • Shinead, age 8

    It is very good and interesting because Daizy is very cool and funny!!

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