Is Ginger's best friend really her biggest rival?

'You can make a wish come true, if you're determined . . .'

Gone are the days when Ginger was an outsider, always on the fringes of friendship. She's swapped puppy fat and pigtails for make-up and hair straighteners and never looked back - until now. Ginger and Shannon are best mates, but when they befriend lonely Emily, everything changes. Even the saxophone-playing boy in the trilby hat can't help - he's part of the problem. Are Ginger and Shannon drifting apart or can they stay best friends forever?

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Reviews of GingerSnaps
  • Eline, age 10

    this book was amazing and will help me to with my friends

  • Abby, age 11

    This is an amazing book! I've probably read it about 10 times lol. But Shannon is the most annoying person ever. How could Ginger stand her?

  • Brendon, age 14

    I really liked how real and fun it was

  • Maddy, age 11

    This book is probably one of the most amazing ones I've read by Cathy Cassidy. It is all about the friendship of Ginger and Shannon, and about how Ginger stands up to her best friend. Shannon is used to being the in charge one, but when her best friend is losing things to Shannon, Ginger starts to speak for herself.

  • Tooni, age 9

    It is so intriguing I loved it
    You should read it.

  • Eva, age 12

    I'm currently reading this book, and it's great so far, though Sam Taylor is sooo weird!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book so much! X

  • Anonymous commenter

    Amazing! Can you pls write another book about Shannon and Ginger. I want them to be together again even though Shannon was mean to her. They are a good pair!

  • Anonymous commenter

    OMG!! Love this book!! I just fell in LOVE with it!! Blue Lemonade to the moon and back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I think I may secretly be Ginger minus the ginger hair.

  • Caitlyn Wong, age 16

    I've recently reread Gingersnaps (for god knows how many times already), and I can say that this is my favourite go to book, no matter the age. Whenever I'm upset with friends or boys, I would always come back to it, flipping through the pages and seeing Ginger evolve from the shy, passive girl to a wonderful friend. Thank you, Cathy Cassidy, for sharing such a lovely book into the world!

  • Anonymous commenter

    To Cathy
    I'm still at the stage of reading this but so far it's amazing! May i ask. Why is it called Ginger Snaps?

  • Anonymous commenter

    Your book ginger snaps has made me feel special as I too have friendship problems which turn into chaos! However, I don't feel alone in it anymore as I can relate to ginger and feel like there are things like that which can happen so, THANKYOU!!!!!

  • andriii <3, age 13

    omg i love this book so damn much! thanks for writing this book to us! i only have read this book but im gonna read cathy cassidy's other books too!! the best part was the blue lemonade i guess

  • Gana, age 14

    I fall in love with sam morethan ginger plsssss plssss plssss plsss write anthore part

  • Tanvi, age 13

    Hi Cathy! This was your first book which I read and it was AMAZING ! It is full of emotions,love etc.I can't wait to read the other books I have ordered.
    Thanks for writing such a beautiful book

  • Tanvi, age 13

    Hi Cathy! This was your first book which I read and it was AMAZING ! It is full of emotions,love etc.I can't wait to read the other books I have ordered.
    Thanks for writing such a beautiful book

  • Grace, age 12

    I absolutely love this book, especially since Ginger is someone most people can relate to. I've read this book heaps of times and I have to say It's probably my favorite Cathy Cassidy book :)

  • Hanna, age 10

    I haven't read this book yet, but I have read the start of it HEAPS of times and it sound REALLY AWESOME!!!

  • Aashi, age 10

    This is my favorite book and on Wattpad I am writing a sequel to it I love it so much! Cathy Cassidy, you write magic on paper!

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