Can wild child Scarlett ever settle down?

'I'll be different, I won't break the rules . . . I promise'

Scarlett has got herself in trouble so often; her Mum's no longer believes her promises. Sent off to stay with Dad, the message is behave or else!

Can Scarlett mend her ways or will she die of boredom? Perhaps gorgeous and mysterious local boy Kian can supply some of the answers . . .

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Reviews of Scarlett
  • loisa, age 12

    I loved it

  • janae, age 12

    I have read this book when i was 11 over and over again in less than 3hours, it one of the first and best cathy cassidy book that i know and i still love reading it.

  • kamila, age 14

    Thanks for all the good books loved this book luv you keep it up!!

  • Ishika, age 13

    I love this book(SCARLET). Its my first book of Cathy Cassidy that my friend suggested. I hope u write more books just like SCARLET

  • Anonymous commenter

    Loved this book!!!

  • Willow, age 16

    This is the first of the many Cathy Cassidy books I've read. I've read sooo many. I know I'm a bit old for her books compared to the other people who've sent in reviews but I don't care, Cathy's books keep you hooked from beginning to end. Honestly, I hope Cathy continues to write books because she's amazing. I've wrote stories since being around the age of 4, maybe 5, and I get told I'm a good writer but I don't think I even fall anyway close to the same catagory Cathy's in. I have one word for Cathy: AMAZING.
    I don't know whose books I'd be reading of it were for Cathy. My favourite is Ginger Snaps. Wow!

  • Jaz, age 9

    I loved this book, I read the part where Scarlett first meets Kian SO many times

  • Anonymous commenter

    This is my favourite book.


  • sophie urquhart, age 11

    This book is amazing i love scarlett comes over herself at the end!!!!! Smiley face

  • April, age 12

    I absolutely love this book, I read it over and over, it must be really good for me to do that!

  • Taty, age 13

    Love this book sooo much read it this summer!!!! Love it!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I absolutely love this book my friend kept on nagging me to give it to her
    So I finally let her read it

  • Anonymous commenter

    The book scarlett is amazing I love it , it made me feel different emotions throughtout the book. Cathy Cassidy is one of the best authors of all time. this book took me on a journey that I can't even describe , and the ending was totally satsafiying . Everyone if u haven't yet buy this book u will not be disappointed x

  • Tia, age 11

    i absoloutley looooove this book
    it is amazing how real it seems

  • Sarah, age 9

    I loved this book it was sooooooo magical and enchanting I read it 12 times lol.
    :D. Love you Cathy

  • Cammie, age 11

    This is sooo good! It reminds me of myself, too!

  • kate, age 10

    I am reading it and am on chp 6. I read it in 10 mins as it was sooo good! As all your books , or really really good books I shall probably cry and read my fave parts again! Thanks for writing such great books!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Scarlett is a great magical book. It makes you feel happy everytime you read it. I cant stop reading it :)

  • Simran, age 11

    I am reading it, and i have bookmarked it at chapter 15! It is really good and I am enjoying it! Scarlett is a WILD CHILD!

  • Anonymous commenter

    This is the best book ever

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