Can wild child Scarlett ever settle down?

'I'll be different, I won't break the rules . . . I promise'

Scarlett has got herself in trouble so often; her Mum's no longer believes her promises. Sent off to stay with Dad, the message is behave or else!

Can Scarlett mend her ways or will she die of boredom? Perhaps gorgeous and mysterious local boy Kian can supply some of the answers . . .

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Reviews of Scarlett
  • Imany, age 12

    An amazing book! I have re-read this book many times. Just amazing!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Wonderful, well written book. Would love to read more of Scarlett's story. Does she ever meet Kian? Sequel please.. :)

  • fatima , age 12

    Awesome book scarlett is just like me i promise! me and my bessties made a movie about it!

  • shaolyn, age 12

    gonna get this for my bday

  • Ellie, age 9

    This book was so good I never got board of readind it!

  • Samantha, age 12

    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!! It's soooooooooooo good! When I'm reading it, I totally forget that Scarlett is twelve like me. Isn't that amazing? If you liked Scarlett, read Indigo Blue and Dizzy too. Their amazing.

  • Lois, age 13

    This was the first book I ever read by cathy Cassidy, I read this I'n year 6, when I went to secondary school I found it I'n the library again so I took it out and read it all over again. I like this book so much last year in year 8 I bought it and I still read it now! (year 9 now) although I love this book so, it is not my favourite book by Cathy. My gave is gingersnaps. (also leaving a comment on that one too. SUMMARY WHY I LIkE THIS BOOK: Although it is very dramatic and fantasy fairytale like with the romance I think it is a lovely story line I can't help but get emotional, some times I get angry with people like the mother or the little step sister at times however I like this cos it makes you think what you would have done I'n that situation. Over all this is. Brilliant book and if you like emotion and your sensitive, you will LOVE this book I know I did.

  • Ella, age 17

    I read this book in 2008 when I was in year 7. It was so fantastic! I have read it twice overall and I can say it is probably my favourite book to read. I still remember it so clearly after reading it that long ago. Thank you for such a great read. I suggest this to anyone and everyone!

  • Imaan, age 11

    Wow!! I normally read books about children on their best behaviour, but scarlett had me shocked! I love the way the book makes me feel emotional and tingly on the inside. The twist at the end with the change of her behaviour was sooo unexpected!!
    Plzzz make more books about scarlett xx

  • Andre, age 11

    Omg this book is really touching as it relates to my life I live on an island called Rarotonga I did not want to move but when I did I found happiness love and more at my first school in Rarotonga my class had a book day my fav book is scarlet so I dressed up as scarlet I even died my hair ketchup it washed out but you can still see it in the sunlight I wore red all stars and wore a black dress I looked the part. Thanks cathy Cassidy your a great author and have inspired me .xxxx luv ya

  • Afia, age 9

    I love this book! It is so good. It shows a girl that doesn't want to hide her identity just because of her mum. She doesn't care about what people think about her and her ketchup red hair.
    This is an amazing book!!

  • Cassie, age 12

    This book is amazing!!!!

  • Charlotte, age 10

    Read this. It's great!!!! I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imogen, age 12

    Amazing I have just finished reading those
    It has taken me 3 days to read and is fantastic I love the but where Scarlett is at her new school and climbs out if the window? Really good book tho I think kian should have a book about his life that would be great !!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Great book, so touching. I definitely recommend reading it. It also could teach people a lot of things about the things in life :) I love Scarlett she is an amazing girl been through so much. Thanks Cathy Cassidy for making this book.

  • Holly , age 12

    This is definitely the best Cathy Cassidy book ever!

  • Mollie Griffiths, age 12

    this is amazing .. i reccomend this

  • Aksa, age 12

    This book is awesome in fact I'm going to use it as my favourite book review in English

  • Jackie, age 11

    I love this book

  • Louise!!, age 11

    Im a lot like scarlet. Very bad at school but i get good grades and im very poular. I always mess up and get into trouble by my parents. I loved scarlet to bits!!! scarlet is one of my best books. ur soo gr8 cathy!!!!!

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