Can wild child Scarlett ever settle down?

'I'll be different, I won't break the rules . . . I promise'

Scarlett has got herself in trouble so often; her Mum's no longer believes her promises. Sent off to stay with Dad, the message is behave or else!

Can Scarlett mend her ways or will she die of boredom? Perhaps gorgeous and mysterious local boy Kian can supply some of the answers . . .

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Reviews of Scarlett
  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book soooo much!! I just can't stop reading it. I have got all my friends to read this and they loved it too!! Great book Cathy Cassidy!! X

  • Miriam, age 11

    I LOVE this book! The main character reminds myself so much of ME! I have red hair, but naturally. This book is now my favourite ever book, thanks so much to Cassidy for writing a writing competition at school, I even used the name Cassidy for the main character! It is the best book ever, truly magical and I love it

  • scarlett, age 8

    O.M.G I love this book I even made my friend read it. it is just great#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    That book is just sooo awesome. This is the book before any other books, the mosr favourite of mine. Even chose it for school book review :))

  • casey, age 15

    I first read this book when I was in year 5/6 and I fell in love. I made my year 6 teacher read it to the whole class cause I wanted everyone to hear the story. He use to say I was just like her, and that always made me smile. 5 years on, this is STILL my favourite book and I must of read it over a thousand times. I'm not a fan of reading at all, yet your books are so special to read, because I can relate to them, or they give me hope and dreams and something to smile about! I'm grateful for every book you've written, and I really hope you keep it up. Love Casey xx (27/2/16)

  • Paige, age 15

    Love this book! One of my favourites!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Scarlett is a determined, feisty, angry 12 year old. She just can't settle down. Constantly getting into riots and 'accidents' at school, she's far from an A - star student - and Mum has had enough. The worst has happened - Mum has dropped the biggest bombshell.... she's packing Scarlett off to her no - good Dad's happy home in some Irish dump with his new wife, Clare and stepdaughter, Holly. But when Scarlett's there she can't help but love it. From chirpy Holly to the luscious lough, Scarlett is smitten. But then Scarlett meets mysterious boy, Kian and his gorgeous ebony horse Midnight and she feels as if she's in a dream. Everything's going great - until disaster strikes. When her family needs her most, can Scarlett pull through and behave?
    Well done, CC, another fab book! :-)

  • Michelle , age 14

    Wow!I love this very much.I think this book is so interesting and funny.I will recommend to others.

  • Skye, age 11

    I read Scarlett in 7th grade as well as indigo blue,driftwood and sundae girl.I really liked them all but Scarlett was my fav!Keep writing Ms Cassidy,I looooove your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    its an awesome book. Even if a person reads this book thousand time it will never be boring. scarlet is cool girl.

  • Vania, age 13


  • Maisha, age 12

    This book is my favourite after sweet honey

  • Alia, age 14

    Since I've found this book I've been hooked, the story never fails to fill me with that amazing feeling, you've inspired me to write my own books,
    Lot's of love, Alia.

  • Tara, age 12

    Love This Book, Im Doing a Book review on it for school :)

  • Faiza, age 10

    I love all your books special the chocolate box girls but this is quite amazing!

  • josie fillbrook, age 14

    AHHHHH my fav cathy book..... scarlett is so llike me! I died my hair red 4 school and my teatcher basiclally had a heart attack!

  • Anonymous commenter

    awsm book....just love the story of scarlet

  • Jasia, age 9

    I have just read Scarlett and I really loved it! I loved how it all went well and Scarlett turned good!

  • Edith, age 11

    This book is one of my favorites i have read it so many times,I'm doing a book model competition and i have to choose my 5 fave books this on is no.1 soooooooooooo enjoyable everyone will love it . my favorite one by Cathy Cassidy!!!

  • Russell Unknown, age 12

    Read Coco Caramel, anyone who likes this book. And also Marshmallow Skye. And...well, the entire Chocolate Box Series.

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