Indigo Blue

Will Indigo choose her family or her friends?

'I need a seriously brilliant daydream . . . because everything is far from OK . . .'

When Indigo's mum announces that they're moving - just Indie, Mum and baby Misti - Indie doesn't understand. Why the hurry? Where are they going? Will her best friend, Jo, still be there for her?

In a dingy old flat with a grumpy neighbour, no heating and only biscuits to eat, Indie begins to realize that her mum's got a reason for running away - a secret no one can admit . . .

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Reviews of Indigo Blue
  • Haleemah, age 11

    If you like a good story then you won't be able to put this book down! When Indigo moves away from her dad she feels as if she can't cope but
    just as she is getting used to her new enviroment, Indigo sees her dad again on the way home from school! Before long, Indigo and her mums
    house feels like a home and if you like a happy ending, with ups and downs in the middle, then this is the book to pick up and not put down!!

  • Sarah, age 11

    i absoulutely luv all ur buks their just fab, ur a mint author! it was so hard to choose wich one i really liked the most but eventually i came to a
    decision and its indigo blue it was just AWESOME!

  • Megan, age 15

    I found this book amazing!! It was so intresting and you really felt for Indigo and her family! I recommend this book to all girls! Its great! My favourite Cathy Cassidy book!!

  • Brianna, age 12

    i love that book it only took me 2 days to finish it i literally could not put it down....

  • Eleanor, age 10

    Indigo Blue is really exiting. it shows you just how some peoples lifes are- having to hide away from people who don't love you. Indie goes to live in a manky old flat with her mum and sister, Misty. They try to make the falat look better by using cheep things. indigo blue gives you a mixture of feelings, and makes you think how lucky you are.

  • Henrietta, age 10

    hi i luv your book its the best book evr you are my fave auther and i couldnt put that book down in class when my teacher says so - its so

  • Jazzy, age 11

    i thought indigo blue was fabulous and i couldnt put it down...

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