Indigo Blue

Will Indigo choose her family or her friends?

'I need a seriously brilliant daydream . . . because everything is far from OK . . .'

When Indigo's mum announces that they're moving - just Indie, Mum and baby Misti - Indie doesn't understand. Why the hurry? Where are they going? Will her best friend, Jo, still be there for her?

In a dingy old flat with a grumpy neighbour, no heating and only biscuits to eat, Indie begins to realize that her mum's got a reason for running away - a secret no one can admit . . .

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Reviews of Indigo Blue
  • liv, age 11

    I loved this book i have got all of the cathy cassidy and have read all of them but by far this is one of my favorite with Angel Cake but the front cover hit me the some so eye catching a pretty blond noting is okay but its not!!!!!!

  • Hannah, age 11

    Hi Cathy.I'v read Indigo Blue and it was soooo good i LOVED it.

  • princess, age 11

    amazing and awesome...........plzzz don't stop writing book!!!!!!!

  • Cathy cassidy #1 fan, age 12

    I've just read it and I think its super fab!
    My fav colour is Indigo so it was a must read book!
    I love to day dream to (my teachers don't like it though)!
    Indigo is so brave but keeps lots to her self, shes a bit like her mum becouse she doesn't want people to interfear.
    I love this book it realy shows how things afect people.
    Keep writing!
    #1 fan!!!!!

  • helvi, age 13

    I just finished reading Indingo Blue.The story was sad,special,I loved it, I faced some of the problems.I can´t believe Max did that to Indie´ś mom I really felt sorry for her when the light went out,she even stumped her TOE!!That must have hurt.the story was lovely.Thank you Cathy Cassidy for writing such AMAZING books!You ROCK!!!!

  • Yasmine , age 12

    This book was amazing! my eyes were glued to it... >_<

  • Clarissa, age 13

    I love this book! I found it in school and I started reading it and I could not let it go! First book I read from you! LOVE IT CATHY! BTW MY FAV COLOR IS BLUEEE!

  • rocky

    OMG! great book i could not put down it is truly fabb

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hi Cassy!
    Me and my friend really loves your books! :D

  • Summer, age 12

    I loved this book so much, it was the first cathy cassidy book I read and I loved it and could not put it down :)

  • Kamilah, age 11

    I LOOVE this book soooooo much! It describes life in so many ways!Cathy you are absolutely FABULOUS!!



  • Anonymous commenter

    Was this book is awesome I love all the book(cathy Cassidy)

  • kainat, age 9

    OMG!!! love this book! Borrowed it from a friend can't get eyes of it thanks cathy cassidy !

  • cool chick, age 15

    i cried at the .end so sad

  • Mia, age 10

    OMG! I just could NOT get away once I started reading, it was like my hands and eyes were glued to the book. This book was a great combination of romance, sadness, and other stuff. This is my first Cathy Cassidy book I have read, and I am looking forward to reading more of her books!

  • laiba, age 10

    I'm still reading this book, but it's a really addictive book. This is my first book of Cathy Cassidy. I wonder what happens next. Quite sad too.

  • Dhyana, age 11

    I read this book and I absolutely loved it. I couldnt put it down and I read it the first day i got it. the book really shows the importance of friendship. You rock Cathy! :) xox

  • Anonymous commenter

    they should add a little romance, just saying. but beside that i think this book is awsome

  • gwyneth, age 15

    This is my first Cathy Cassidy's book and I've become her huge fan since then. This book is really amazing. It reflects the social issue(domestic violence) in reality.
    The main character Indigo is a 11-year-old girl who lacks confidence. She loves daydreaming because she can control everything in it. It's kind of sad because she's just escaping from reality... But in some ways,she's also brave.She never cries or complains or feel sorry about herself.
    The character Jo is so “real” and I think we're in common (in some ways). For example, both of us have quite a lot of activities after school, we're wealthier than our friends. Sometimes we won't know how our friends feel about that...and they might not feel good about it...
    I really appreciate the spirit of Anna, Indie's mum. She once told Indigo “we don't want handouts”. Although she needs money and support, she doesn't want others to feel sorry for them. Isn't she a great role model?
    I'm 15 now and I read this book when I was 14. I'm always depressed at school, it's not about academic though. I just don't feel right. Sometimes I wonder why the teachers have to be so harsh and so mean. I've learnt “sometimes things get worse before they get better” from this book. The ending is encouraging and I think kids, teens, and even parents can have a look of it. Not just for entertainment, but also to know about how family matters can affect kids.
    Gwyneth x

  • Reshma, age 12

    I Love Cathy Cassidys book and I love Indigo Blue as well, this was my first book I read from Cathy Cassidy and I loved it. I love all of them and I love how they end happily but not perfect which relates to real life! BUt I relate to Indigo the most because just like her I am daydreamer, to get the bad thoughts away. Love Cathy Cassidy books xxx;)

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