Indigo Blue

Will Indigo choose her family or her friends?

'I need a seriously brilliant daydream . . . because everything is far from OK . . .'

When Indigo's mum announces that they're moving - just Indie, Mum and baby Misti - Indie doesn't understand. Why the hurry? Where are they going? Will her best friend, Jo, still be there for her?

In a dingy old flat with a grumpy neighbour, no heating and only biscuits to eat, Indie begins to realize that her mum's got a reason for running away - a secret no one can admit . . .

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Reviews of Indigo Blue
  • Angel, age 13

    Out of all Cathy Cassidy books I have red ,this is the best so far xxx

  • Anika, age 12

    This is the best book in the world

  • Aqila, age 13

    well wat can i say... its a great book as r the the others and it has a really great story line! And its one of the best books!:)

  • cloudscoop, age 11


  • Catherine, age 16

    This is such a fun to read, I recommend it. Me and my BFF are talking about it right now on the phone.

  • shaolyn, age 12

    gotta get this book for my bday next week

  • caitlin , age 12

    Indigo Blue is a great book, the first book I read of Cathy Cassidy, one of the best you should definitely read this book if you get the chance, it is realistic and gripping.

  • Anonymous commenter

    wooooowwweeeeyyyyy <3

  • Jill, age 11

    I have one word for this book... W.O.W

  • Joi, age 10

    I loved Jacqueline Wilson until I read my first Cathy Cassidy book, Cherry Crush. Now I'm hooked on Cathy Cassidy! I loved Dizzy and the chocolate box girls but now I'm addicted to Indigo Blue!

  • Trinity, age 11

    I love this book. When i was at school i was looking for it. :)

  • Comfort, age 11

    I love this book nearly cried

  • Lola, age 15

    Im reading this book for school and your right it brill its a bit to long though 30 chapters i'm on chapter 17.

  • Anonymous commenter

    I was a great book

  • violet, age 11


  • abbie, age 10

    I read this book, and I absolutley love it its full of cliff hangers = best book ever.

  • frances, age 11

    I am getting this book for xmas and can not wait to read it!!!!:)
    all cathy's books are groovy(I have read most, love the chocolate box series ) so I can not wait to read this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • jesin, age 11

    i love indigo blue it is ma favorite book, i love it so much.i would reckon it to every one but if u are not reading this book then that means u r missing out on the fun

  • Ruby, age 11

    I think this is a very sad book, but it gets much happier! I really love the part when Indigos mum makes the flat look really pretty!! It is an amazing book! well done Cathy!!

  • Millie, age 11

    This book was amazing !!!!!! Indigo is so nice and her baby sis misti !! I'm reading marshmallow Skye now and I think they're both the best !!! Luv u cathy xxx

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