Love from Lexie

Ever since Lexie's mum vanished, her world hasn't stopped spinning.

A new home, a new school - even a new family but Lexie never gives up hope that her mum will come back and writes her letters every day to tell her all about her new life.

There's plenty to tell - the new group of misfits she calls friends, the talent for music she never knew she had and the gorgeous boy with blue eyes and secrets to hide. But her letters remain unanswered and she's starting to feel more alone than ever.

Lexie's about to learn that sometimes you need to get lost in order to be found .

This is the first book in the gorgeous new series, The Lost and Found, from Cathy Cassidy.

Reviews of Love from Lexie
  • Aaliyah, age 13

    hi cathy
    i can't wait to read this book
    its so exciting that there is a new series because i was so sad when the chocolate box girls finished.however now i have a whole new series to look forward to!
    so thank you so much and keep doing what you are so amazing at.i love you so much and you are a true inspiration.
    From your hugest fan in the universe xoxoxox

  • Makayla

    I have been reading your books for a few years now and have read them all!!, I got love from lexie on my kindle today and finished it just now. It was amazing loved the characters backstories! I also really enjoyed the fact that I think you overlapped the series in a small way Ly x

  • Anonymous commenter

    All ready got love from Lexie book Cathy has been to beck and got it signed by her Remember me Cathy Lucy from beck school ??? lol

  • Amy❤️, age 10

    I can't wait until the book comes out. I am so excited it sounds so good. PS I have read all of your books and they are so amazing!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Haffy123, age 12

    OMG!! so much tension and suspense cant wait till the 15th of June!!

  • Ellie, age 12

    I can't WAIT for the new Cathy Cassidy book! I have just finished reading Looking glass girl for the third time around and I LOVE it even more every time! Please write a sequel to it, it is AMAZING! P.s. I am itching to read this new book, it sounds superb!

  • Wiktoria Malkowska, age 13

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED!! I can't believe the new book is out! cant wait to read it! By the way, I met you in Heston, you might remember me (i hope! :) )

  • Katie, age 12

    I am really excited for our new book Cathy. You signed my broken heart club book at the Atkinson on Saturday. I love you so much!!!

  • Katie, age 15

    A new Series! This looks awesome. Cathy Cassidy, I have been reading these books since I was 9. I am nearly 16 and never seem to grow out of them. :-)

  • Anonymous commenter

    Oh my gosh!!!!
    I cant wait to read it, it sounds so amazing!!!
    Are you sure I have to wait until June?!
    Your biggest fan

  • Ana, age 14

    I wish I could read it right now!Cathy you're so amazing!!

  • Kristen, age 13

    OMG!!! I can't wait to read this book! I love all of the Cathy Cassidy books, especially the Chocolate box girls and I am so excited for a new one!

  • Ariana, age 13

    Eeek! I am soooooo excited you read a new Cathy Classify book!

  • Emma, age almost 14

    OMG so excited! Love your books Cathy! Read them all more than one, I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!
    Emma :-)
    PS. Can't wait for this book! Doesn't it come out the day after your birthday???

  • Katie, age 15

    Wow this book looks like a great new door to a mysterious series! Cant wait to read this book with a gorgeous new cover and world by a great author. Cathy Cassidy, i love your books, they portray so many different emotions and messages. Daring, beautiful and real, each book gives a new door and new eyes and are such an important impact to the world. Thank you so much for writing these books.

  • Jasia, age 10

    Wow! This book sounds great! I can't wait to read it!

  • Baktawara begum, age 12

    This book sounds great and i cant just wait to read it. oh my god, the start of a new series!!!!! i love you cathy cassidy

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