Broken Heart Club

A brand new book! Is it ever too late to mend a broken heart?

Andie, Eden, Ryan, Tasha and Hasmita love being part of the Heart Club. They've promised to stay best friends forever and nothing can tear them apart.

But sometimes things happen that you couldn't ever have expected and forever might not be as long as you think.

Now, two years later, Eden and Ryan are haunted by memories of the past. Can they find a way to bring the club back together or is it too late to mend a broken heart?



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Reviews of Broken Heart Club
  • Anonymous commenter

    This is literally the BEST BOOK EVER , just finished reading it , but I warn you it lives up to its title in being heart breaking !

  • Anonymous commenter

    Can't wait to read it I love Cathy!!!

  • zoe, age 10

    I'm sooo sad they had sold out at netherbrook today (29.04.16)

  • Maria, age 11

    I cannot wait for the book to come out u are such an amazing writer, favourite book of yours is sweet honey and I fell I can relate to her a lot thanks for writing such amazing books!
    is a fan and will always stay a fan
    your loyal reader Maria

  • Anonymous commenter

    The book is amazing and I just couldn't stop turning the page , such an amazing book!!!!!!

  • Caitlin , age 13

    Omg I finished this in like 1 day is your best book yet so sad yet heartwarming xx

  • BIG FAN!, age 10

    This is my favourite Cathy Cassidy book!

  • Sadia, age 12

    # Cathy Cassidy Rocks

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love the cherry crush book i'm only half way through can't wait to get my hands on it again.

  • Hasmita, age 17

    Hey you came to my school today but unfortunately I missed meeting you! :( I used to read your books a lot when I was younger and when u saw your new book I realised my name was on it! Although unintentional I feel very special :3

  • abbie, age 13

    I have only been reading the cathy cassidy books for a short while after a recomendations from one of my besties, but I love them and cant wait to say that ive read all you books there so inspirational and I love them .after being bullied alot myself I liked to see storys and and other peoples point of view favorite book is angle cake the first I read ..thank you for writing such amazing books ..xx

  • Nada Noor, age 12


  • Izzy , age 11

    I am sooo exited to read this book .

  • Neve, age 12

    OMG, when I head that a new CC book was coming out I was super excited. I can't wait to read it!!! I love everything about the cover and the Blurby bit sounds super cool.
    I can't wait to read it!!!

  • Molly, age 11

    I can't wait to read this book, it looks amazing and I can't stop reading the extract!!
    I am so lucky to be growing up reading excellent book written by an excellent author!!

  • Anchal, age 10

    OMG !!! I read the extrat and it sounds just like me and my 3 best friends so i really really can't wait . Good luck Cathy and please keep writing cause you are a great author and my favorite too.

    Love Anchal,
    One of your huge fans xxx
    XD XD XD

  • Cassie,age 12

    I have been to see Cathy 2 times and each time I go I get a shiver down my spine of exitment ! Because when I see her I come to a realisation that the books I have read over and over are are written by her.She is amazing ! Cathy is my inspiration to be an author.I have written multiple short stories and one day I hope to publish my very own book.I always ask Cathy when I see her if she is coming out with any new books.I don't want to give any thing away but im certain that after this book she will come out with another,maybe another.Who knows ? I can't wait to read this !!! Bye x

  • Lily, age 11

    Can't wait!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Just can't wait to order and read this book!!!

  • kelsey, age 8

    I love the cathy cassidy so cool

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