Broken Heart Club

A brand new book! Is it ever too late to mend a broken heart?

Andie, Eden, Ryan, Tasha and Hasmita love being part of the Heart Club. They've promised to stay best friends forever and nothing can tear them apart.

But sometimes things happen that you couldn't ever have expected and forever might not be as long as you think.

Now, two years later, Eden and Ryan are haunted by memories of the past. Can they find a way to bring the club back together or is it too late to mend a broken heart?



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Reviews of Broken Heart Club
  • Vlera, age 11

    I've read Cathy Cassidy Looking Glass Girl and i cannot take my eyes of it. It pulls me into the book and me myself feel like Alice. Falling. Its my first time that I have read one of Cathy Cassidy's book and only the first page made me want to read more and never want to stop. Im thinking that Broken Heart Club will do the same thing but will do it even better. I love your books Cathy Cassidy!

  • mari, age 11

    can`t wait to read it it has already come out now and getting it this week I`m so excited!

  • Eden, age 11

    i read this book and i loved it!!!! it also was so emotional!! i love you cathy i have read all your books

  • Ciara, age 11

    I just read it and it's sad but thrilling too!!!! I hope there is a sequel ^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^

  • GenieMcBeanie, age 13

    Omg. This book was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! I have to say--one of Cathy's BEST BOOKS EVER!!! At first it goes as you think, but suddenly--BAM! It twists around. Honestly, it's a must read!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Great book really enjoyed reading it

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book and cathy you are awsome! I love this site and reaad tthe book

  • shea wynne, age 12

    This is my new favourite book. the story was very emotional, i didnt want it to end. there are no flaws in cathys writing, it all came together amazingly. the way the story flows is quite unique, it switched between two characters who were both very relatable. the ending is a shocker, i wont give any spoilers but expect the unexpected :) i would give this book a 10/10. also, cathy, if you`re reading this keep up the good work

  • Yasmine Payne, age 10

    This is one of the most touching books i have ever read. i just want to say thanks, Cathy, for making such a brilliant and heartfelt book and making me cry, both with joy and sadness. On behalf of all of your fans, well done❤️

    - Yasmine

  • Ciara, age 11

    I love this book, I got it for my birthday and I couldn't wait to read it, recommend to everyone.

  • Hannah Mackie, age 10

    this book is one of my favourite books.It is beautiful very and very sad. It is about 5 best friends who promise to be best friends forever but will they? When Ryan turns to trouble maker Eden becomes shy girl Andie and Tasha move away and Hasmita changes school can they bring the heart club back together?

  • Katie, age 14

    Need to read.. looks brilliant!

  • Anonymous commenter

    This book is so good i have to read it for a third time!

  • Elizabeth, age 12

    I have just bought the Brocken Heart Club and I have also read all of Cathy's other books. My favourite book is Sweet Honey one of the chocolate box girls and the problem she is in, I soooo recommend all of Cathy's books!!

  • Ceri, age 12

    Ok,so a couple of hours ago, before I'd read this, I thought Summer's Dream was Cathy's best book. Then I read this...
    Broken Heart Club is amazing and full of twists and turns. It's also full of ups and downs. That's why I love it and it's my new favourite book ever! I also have new favourite characters-Eden and Ryan. I've only had this book for about three hours and already I've read it and reread lots of my favourite parts. I really recommend that everyone buys this book as soon as possible because it is fantastic, incredible, amazing and every other good word. It's worth every penny! Thank you so much for writing this Cathy, and all I can say is please write a sequel to my favourite book of all time.

  • Anonymous commenter

    I have read it within a few hour. Great book BUT I cried and cried and cried!

  • Daisy , age 11

    Amazing book! Absolutely love the storyline and the ending is unexpected,really recommend it! Xx

  • Amy, age 10

    I can not WAIT to read this book it looks so good Cathy is such a good writer I love her so much and she has inspired me to be an author and I hope I can meed Cathy some time It would be my dream Amy Coffey xxx

  • Anonymous commenter

    I have it and I am ready to read it

  • Simran

    I just finished this book right now and I loved it. I love reading your books. All of the books are my favourites. This book is amazing and I could not take my eyes off while reading it.

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