Broken Heart Club

A brand new book! Is it ever too late to mend a broken heart?

Andie, Eden, Ryan, Tasha and Hasmita love being part of the Heart Club. They've promised to stay best friends forever and nothing can tear them apart.

But sometimes things happen that you couldn't ever have expected and forever might not be as long as you think.

Now, two years later, Eden and Ryan are haunted by memories of the past. Can they find a way to bring the club back together or is it too late to mend a broken heart?



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Reviews of Broken Heart Club
  • Caitlin, age 11

    This book was AMAZING!!! I couldn't put it down and I couldnt stop reading it. The best book i have read in my ENTIRE life. I think it should be made into a film

  • Lois Macleod, age 13

    Broken Heart Club is an AWESOME read.
    If you have not read it - take my advice - READ IT!
    It is kind of emotional in parts, and has a sad and slightly jolting twist (I was so gripped!) but Cathy writes in such a way that you feel like you're being sucked into the story and you cannot put it down. When I first read it, I felt as if I was standing at the edge of the ocean, with just my toes in the water, but the more I read, the more I wanted to dive in. And all of a sudden, there was a massive gust of wind and I was propelled forward into the waves of the story, and I did not want to get out. It is about five really unique and individual friends, who begin to drift apart due to certain circumstances. It is told through the eyes of Eden and Ryan, and they explain all the hard and traumatic things that go on in their lives. If you like realistic life-style, then this story is for you. And Cathy you are a fantastic author, please keep writing exciting and well-told books! Thanks.

  • Chloe, age 12

    I love this book I am reading page 66 at the moment but I will some more

  • Katie, age 14

    Cant wait to read. I'm later than usual to reading a book, but I know it will be good.

  • Gabi, age 12

    I got my at my school and it's signed by Cathy personally! You're one of my favourite authors, Cathy, and I can't wait to read your book: Broken Heart Club!

  • Eden, age 11

    Dear Cathy,
    I got this book at the end of my S.A.T.s tests and went straight to the blurb. At that moment I then noticed my name. I was nearly crying with joy I thought you got my millions of messages and put me in there. I don't think that the reason, but afterwards then I also realised that Eden and Ryan are the main characters!!!
    I'm ready Sundae Girl at the moment then I'm going to read indigo blue and the The Broken Heart Club because my mum says I'm not allowed to read it until the summer holidays, but I'm still reading your books!!

  • Thea May, age 11

    I got this book a couple of days ago after winning a competition and since then I have not been able to put it down! It has an interesting and thought-provoking layout and has unexpected yet brilliant twists in the story. The story is an emotional rollercoaster and I highly recommend reading it!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Can't wait to read the book!

    I'm soooo excited!
    Love you Cathy!

  • Emma , age 12


  • Lexi, age 11

    I am so excited to read you new book!!
    I have read all of your other books and I was getting worried when there weren't any of your books left to read. I LOVE your books! <3

  • Eva, age 10

    The Broken Heart Club was an amazing book,but also an emotional rollercoaster. I was laughing and crying, gasping and muttering crossly. Wow Cathy, you've got yourself a fan.

  • eiden, age 12

    i cannot wait to read this book, it sounds fab

  • Anonymous commenter

    I just bought it not that long ago, cant wait to read it!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I got this book this morning and i absolutely love it :-) I got absorbed in it right from the start !! This is definitely my favourite book :D I would rate it 10 out of 10

  • Ellie, age 11

    I have already read this book. I got it as soon as it came out! Everyone has to read it. It is amazing!
    Love from Ellie xxx

  • Hiya, age 11

    I absolutely love this extract

  • Vlera, age 11

    I've read Cathy Cassidy Looking Glass Girl and i cannot take my eyes of it. It pulls me into the book and me myself feel like Alice. Falling. Its my first time that I have read one of Cathy Cassidy's book and only the first page made me want to read more and never want to stop. Im thinking that Broken Heart Club will do the same thing but will do it even better. I love your books Cathy Cassidy!

  • mari, age 11

    can`t wait to read it it has already come out now and getting it this week I`m so excited!

  • Eden, age 11

    i read this book and i loved it!!!! it also was so emotional!! i love you cathy i have read all your books

  • Ciara, age 11

    I just read it and it's sad but thrilling too!!!! I hope there is a sequel ^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^

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