The Chocolate Box Secrets

A delicious scrapbook of fun, creative ideas from the Chocolate Box Girls. A must-have for all Cathy fans!

Welcome inside the world of the Chocolate Box Girls!

Cherry, Summer, Skye, Coco and Honey may be very different - but they all love crafting and creating! From hosting a chocolate-themed sleepover to designing a flower headband and concocting a cupcake-sensation, each Chocolate Box sister shares her secrets.

With ideas for every season - there's a whole year of Chocolate Box inspired ideas waiting - which will you make first?

Reviews of The Chocolate Box Secrets
  • Caitlin, age 11 turning 12

    Omg this series is AMAZING xxxxx
    Love it only on the second one but loving it xxxx

  • amelia, age 9

    i absolutely LOVE the chocolate box girls (and boy)! my fave book is sweet honey but my fave character is skye! but really, i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fifi, age 13

    i wanted to say to Cathy that the reason i like your books is because your books are not to fictitious and it is realistic just the way i like it. keep up the amazing work.

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hi Cathy I just wanted to say that your books are really good, they make all situations seem so real and the feelings so raw I am really touched by the quality of your books!

  • Scarlet, age 13

    i love reading the chocolate box girls Cathy Cassidy, So far my favourite book is Sweet Honey x

  • Ilana, age 10

    Cathy Your my favorite writing !!!!!!!! Chocolate box it's my favorite !!! I write ta next Book OF chocolaté box it sur in french it's call cœur citron i love u i sait for the five letter OF the Word heart

  • Molly, age 10

    Hi Cathy I love your books so much I want to be an author when grow up love ya all xxxxxoooooooxxxxx

  • Eva, age 12

    This book is gorgeous! I particularly love the daisy braid hair-do, and at some point I want to try making the chocolate fondue.

  • Phoebe, age 12

    I loved this book it was amazing I have almost all your books and I love them so so much. I would have to say that summers dream was my favorite because I most relate to it!

  • Eva, age 12

    I want this book sooo much! It looks amazing! Definitely putting it on my birthday wish list.

  • Kandi, age 9

    I love your books and I have just finished reading Fortune Cookie but for my birthday my mum is going to buy me Cherry Crush! How awesome is that!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    i love you cath thank for the amazing book yay!

  • Ginger, age 13

    I ❤️ The chocolate I think my life is kind of related a bit to Honeys thx Cathy for writing loads of great books your the best author ever!

  • Ash, age 11

    I've read all your books and the chocolate box girls series are the best by far

  • Anonymous commenter

    I have read all of your books and the Chocolate Box Girls is my favorite series! can you make more series like the chocolate box girls and Your books make everyone feel calm,sad (in a good way) and HAPPY :) Thanks Cathy For making these inspiring books.

  • Kiara :), age 10

    i love reading the chocolate box girls the books are my favourite! 1 thing i have to say~

    At the end of Coco Caramel why didn't you make it so Lawrie and Coco could be a couple? It would be sooo cute!

    Other than that i love it!!!!!!!

  • Maya, age 13

    I love your books sooo much, especially the chocolate box girls series, please write more of them and bring back their video diaries on cctv please !! xxx

  • Esme, age 9

    I started with coco caramel (not realising it wasn't the first book) then I decided just to read them backwards and I am nearly finished with cherry crush so I will be done soon (loved all of them but coco caramel is my fave) bye xoxoxoxo

  • Laura Gordon, age 11

    Hello Cathy,I love your books they are amazing please keep writing lots of amazing books,love from your number 1 fan.

  • Charlie, age 9

    I like all your books especially cherry crush I love the choclate box girls as well

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