Looking-Glass Girl

Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole all over again with Looking-Glass Girl.

Alice is thrilled when Savannah invites her to a Wonderland-themed sleepover; she's wanted to join this circle of friends for so long. Finally, she's fitting in. But an accident suddenly changes everything and Alice is rushed to hospital.

As her friends and family rally round, a mystery begins to unravel. Was Alice pushed, and why? Who would want to hurt her? Can her loved ones - and the gorgeous boy who doesn't want to leave her side - help Alice survive?

Looking-Glass Girl is an unforgettable tale of friendship and love. Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole all over again...

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Reviews of Looking-Glass Girl
  • Emily, age 11

    Loved this book although im not really into readimg i still enjpyed this book i was asked to right a book review at the time i was reading this book and looked at the list of books we had to do the on and assighned next to my name was the looking glass girl - cath cassidy

  • Scarlett, age 9

    I loved this book and now me and my friend call each other mad hatter and Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilana, age 11

    never got to finish it. It had to be retured to the library.

  • Faye, age 12

    I love this book! I found it at my local library and read it in one day! I just couldn't leave myself on a cliffhanger! It's definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the best book I've ever read, I can't wait to read more of your amazing books!

  • Ellie , age 12

    THIS IS THE BEST BOOK ON THE PLANET I MEAN IT! EVERYONE READ IT NOW! This book means so much to me xxxx PLEASE write a sequel Cathy! I want to know what happens to Alice so much!

  • Rochelle , age 11

    Like most Cathy Cassidy books it's amazing, it's probably the best book ever written by anyone and I am in love with it!

  • Ash

    I think this book is great, I couldn't put it down one of the greatest books I've ever read, if your a Cathy Cassidy fan then it's an awesome book for u!

  • Ella, age 12

    This is my favourite book of all time, i suggest you read it if you haven't already!

  • Lucy, age 12

    I started reading this book last night and finished it in the morning! I couldn't put it down! It's a great twist on a very well known fairytale. You NEED to read it.
    Great job Cathy!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book it is so good especially the bit when they find out who pushed Alice down the stairs

  • Anonymous commenter

    THIS IS MY FAV BOOK OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!! :O :)

  • Anonymous commenter

    My daughter was saddened and I think frightened by the portrayal of bullying in the book and the fact that the girl is "lost" in her coma. She showed me the part that really upset her where her "ex-friend" pushes her over. Her comment was that she never wanted to read anything by this author again. The whimsical cover belies the dark themes the book addresses. I read it and enjoyed the narrative but think its not for the under teens!

  • Lauren , age 10

    Why can't all books be like that so so so so good

  • Anonymous commenter

    I am really looking forward to reading this book. This extract made me feel curious. Love your books, Cathy Cassidy.

    PS: keep writing amazing books, I would love to read them!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book

  • katie, age 12

    hi!!!cathy i`ve read summers dream sweet honey marshmello sky coco caremal and cherry crush

  • Anonymous commenter

    wow this story was amazing! You should make a looking glass girl 2!!!! I love this book sooooooooooo much! Your an amazing writer Cathy!!!!!

  • Cool cat, age 10

    I loved looking glass girl . Once I started to read it I couldn't put it down. All the emotion in it makes you know how Alice feels. I have read a lot of cc books but I think this one could be my favourite. Don't stop writing cc.

  • Hanna, age 10

    WOW.....This, in my opinion is the best book by Cathy I have read so far!!! You really bring it alive and I got quite absorbed in it!!!!!!

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