Fortune Cookie

Get ready to meet JAKE...

After the amazing twist at the end of Sweet Honey, the sixth and final book in the Chocolate Box Girls series follows Jake, the Tanberry sisters' newly discovered half-brother . . .

As if the bombshell that he had three half-sisters wasn't enough, Jake's life in London is turning into a nightmare. He has nowhere to run - except for maybe his new family in Somerset . . . But Jake knows next to nothing about the Tanberrys. Will he be welcome there? And even if he is, can anyone really help him turn things around?


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Reviews of Fortune Cookie
  • Anonymous commenter

    GOD i was thinking if this was a real boy then i would marry him!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Wow!!! The book is AWSOME!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    The book is AMAZING!!! I was just so surprised that jake managed to find them. The chocolate box are like the best in the world!!!

  • Hiba, age 12

    I've always loved the sisters and it was a bit wierd to find out they'd have a brother joining the chocolate gang. It was so sad when they skyped Greg (their dad)

    it was such a happy ending when Honey finally forgave Cherry. :D

  • Casendra, age 15

    Cathy Cassidy , omg your book are damn awesome ! I really love and admire your books. I've got all off the chocolate box girls its a gift from my aunt. Its the first time reading your books. I finished reading it around one week. Its awesome ! But I still haven't read the fortune cookie. I'm from Malaysia and I can't find it around here. I don't know when will my aunt go to UK again. I hope ill get the book soon ! Cant wait and im really dying to get it. Keep on writing and I'll be your number one fan! Xoxo

  • Eva, age 10

    I love the book Fortune Cookie. I am 3 quarters through it and it is soooooo good! I love everything about it. I read it every night and can't wait to finish it!

  • hannah, age 12

    i loved this book and all the other books in the series i love cathy's books so much that i named my dog after her. my dogs full name is Cathy Cassidy Massie Breen but we call her Cassi for short. i've read her a few snippets of fortune cookie and she loved them

  • #LipSmacker, age 12

    I haven't read it yet but... The book before this SweetHoney is honestly AMAZING. Truthfully I LIKE IT SO MUCH BETTER than CherryCrush. All I know is that THIS is definitely the next chocolate box Series I'm gonna read :) ;)

  • Anonymous commenter

    I've only read the first 54 pages and it is soooooooo good so far

  • Heidi, age 10

    I got this book and a cant wait to read it this is the first book of her I'm gonna read

  • megan, age 11

    i love your books

  • wenjing, age 12

    xoxo cathy u rock ...i cant wait to read this book.i reckon this book is as good as your other books.u inspired me a lot Cathy,,,, u ROCK


  • Megan, age 11

    I have read the chocolate box girl series and it is the best! I would recommend this to anyone, I can't wait to get this one as I am sooo interested in Cathy Cassidy. I used to be on my iPad at night but now I am glued to reading these books until my eyes are fuzzy!! If I could put the chocolate box series into one word it would be: best because these are the best books I have ever read

  • Honey, age 14

    I love cathy Cassidy!
    Yours Sincerely
    Honey (not the real honey)

  • Sila, age 10


  • Anonymous commenter

    I got all 6 books 14 days ago and I have read them all

  • Charlotte, age 12

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the book riht now. LOVE IT

  • Anonymous commenter

    this was an amazing book can't wait to

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hi Cathy you are absolutely famous at our school.
    I loved fortune cookie so much and am waiting to
    Track down life is sweet, rather than having to track down
    All the books individually.
    Keep writing,
    Anonymous reader.

  • Daisy, age 10

    I have only read Dizzy b4 but it is pherhaps one of the few books I never wanted to end.I usually read until around 10pm b4 switching off my light for bed but ur book was so intriguing it kept me awake until roughly Midnight!! I find it interesting that after giving up being optimistic about the over dramatic,frankly quite boring Jacqueline Wilson,I find entertainment in ur books. To be honest with u I do not know why I am writing to you in 2nd person when I doubt you will have time to read this(the only reason I do not intend too become an author myself along with the immensely difficult task of persuading publisher that u will one day become a bestseller .) About to persuade my friend to lend me another book. Wish me luck as she is not in the best of moods.Just on the slight chance of an occasion that Cathy Cassidy might read this I would like to ask her what it is like to be an author and be imagined by millions when u know yourself as another person in the world that can only truly be known through themselves? Anyway,keep writing.Even if ur dizzy series have long gone I still recommend writing a sequel to dizzy!Write a boOK in present tense,maybe a diary,write a book about animals ,write in third person.I am sure you have done this before ,haven't u?So much to write,so much inspiration!USE IT PEOPLE!!!!!! Not just in stories but 4 everything! Go ahead with passion.No more killing.No more global warming.It has to stop. We r only being cruel to ourselves.We created society and now we r so blinded we can't even use it in a civilised manner. Everything is equal. Equality for all animals as well. If we can't except the life that we created for ourselves,the one that we made a mess of then it is only ur own fault and u will have to put up with life for yourself. Bye

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