Sweet Honey

HONEY. Ringletty blonde hair, creamy skin, artistic, moody, charming . . .

Honey is going to live with her dad in Australia. Determined to make a fresh start, she couldn't be further away from the tough times at Tanglewood.

Her new life is a dream come true - until school begins. The girls are different from Honey's friends in England and the only person who seems to understand her is the cute boy from the beach she's chatting to online. But when he, the girls at school and even her dad start breaking promises, who can she trust?

All alone on the other side of the world, Honey's past is about to catch up with her . . . 

> Find out more about the issue of cyberbullying in this book

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Reviews of Sweet Honey
  • riley, age 12

    i love this book you are the best authour!

  • Charlotte, age 12

    I absolutely LOVED this book! I felt so into it- like I was Honey! Thanks for such an amazing book :-)

  • Alara, age 12

    Sweet Honey is an amazing and upbeat book, it keeps you on your toes and Honey is very unpredictable. It's got a really good moral at the end and I really wish that Honey was a real person because I'm sure she would be amazing to be around :)

  • bæ deb, age Bæ

    Just finished reading it. And i hav to tell u Cathy Cassidy writes THE best books

  • Maya, age 9

    Omg Sweet Honey totally rocks!!!! It is totally amazing! I love it! I also wonder if there
    really is a site called SpiderWeb. Sweet Honey tackles the subject of cyberbullying so if you are being cyberbullied just do what Honey did!

  • imogen, age 10

    this was the best book I ever read in fact I am doing a presentation on it for world book day

  • Emma, age 11

    Sweet honey Is definitely my favourite chocolocate box girl book! I love all the drama that goes on and all the problems honey discovers. I just wanted to keep reading all the way through in one go.

  • Anonymous commenter

    To cool to read yeah

  • Hayley, age 11

    I love sweet honey! It's so well written and has a great story line. There's some mature themes though. You can really connect to Honey and Ash. Once you start reading this you can't stop! I recommend this book to girls over 10. 5 stars! Please write more books like this Cathy!

  • Anonymous commenter

    This book is absolutely amazing! Honey reminded me of myself lol.
    I found this book quite useful in dealing with my personal issues. Cathy you're totally amazing! Lots of love! Xoxo

  • Tuesday Cumberbatch, age 13

    I loved this book from the first page, Cathy cassidys books are written in such a nice style. I'd read the other chocolate box girls books and I'd always been particularly drawn to Honey, so I was SOOOO happy when sweet honey was published. This was very good, I felt slightly scared when she receives the threatening text

  • sara , age 10

    hi cathy , this is the best book EVER!!!!!!! I not put it down. i even tried to finish it at midnight although i got a huge telling off from my dad and got my tablet banned for a week!!!!!! you have to read this book. p.s please come to my school cathy!!!!!

  • Jana serbia, age 9

    Cathy Cassidy I love your books,I have Sweet Honey,Love,peace and chocolate and Angel cake!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    This is one of my favourite books! Well done, Cathy, another great Chocolate Box Girl tale! Love all the others; Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye, Summer's Dream, Coco Caramel and have just finished Fortune Cookie! I love Cherry, Skye, Summer, Honey, Coco and Jake and their seperate stories! Would rate this book 5/5! Please write more about these amazing sisters!!! You are a great author!!!

  • Sapphire, age 11

    This is the most coolest book after Marshmallow Skye! I can't wait to read it! You are awesome Cathy!!!!

  • Sakshi, age 10

    I just so so love this book! I agree that this I ssthe best book I have ever read!! I am willing to read another one of Cathy Cassidy's books one again!

  • Christie Ellewood, age 11

    I haven't read this book yet; I actually need to start Summer's dream. But I can't wait!

  • claire, age 12

    in England I had read all of your books and at the end of sweet honey I read that there will be a book called fortune cookie I was so happy
    i love your books Cathy

  • Indya, age 10

    Just read the first chapter and I can't wait to read the rest of the book!!! I am hopefully going to get the series and I can't wait to read them! Even though I have only read a little bit of the first book, I still know the rest of it will be amazing.

  • libby, age 10

    OMIGOD!! I love the chocolate box girl series, i cant wait! xxx

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