Hopes & Dreams: Jodie's Story

Jodie always feels like second best, caught in the shadow of her best friend Summer.

Now Jodie has taken Summer's place at the prestigious Rochelle Academy. It's everything she's ever dreamt of, but she's racked with guilt and struggling to follow her dancing dreams.

With the help of her friends and the gorgeous Sebastien, will Jodie finally take a risk and step into the spotlight?

The second story in the series of eBook shorts from Cathy Cassidy.

Reviews of Hopes & Dreams: Jodie's Story
  • Caitlin, age 13

    I love your books! I read Sweet Honey a few years ago (probably not a good idea to read about stalking and stuff before bed but I really enjoyed it!)
    I also read Gingersnaps and after hearing a lot of good reviews on Summer's Dream I got the Chocolate Box Girls boxset.You're a very good author and I can't wait to lose myself in all these great books! I am also an aspiring author but I have a looong way to go...
    You're one of my inspirations ☺

  • cieleste, age 12

    I really liked all of your books also if I still haven't read lots of them , the one that I already read were great. I loved scarlett and lucky star. they were both amazing. I hope I can become a great writer like you. all of your books are soo full of mystery and they always have a romantic side.

  • Chloe, age 12

    your books are amazing!! You are the best author ever!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love you so much and every night I read your books before I go to bed but then my mum comes in and says that I really need to GO TO BED!

  • Anonymous commenter


  • Anonymous commenter

    this book sounds very intriguing even though i haven't read it yet.

  • Bronnie, age 12

    Hi Cathy u r the best! Read loads of stories and can't 2 find out what happens 2 the chocolate sisters! Maybe u could start a new series of books they could have the Main character in each story u've ever written like driftwood all meet at least once in that series! That would be awesome the chocolate girls r amazing! After they've all finished their re lives u could start a new series like it and if u said that on the cover inspired by chocolate box girls it would be a best seller! Just an idea! : )

  • Zahra, age 10

    I want to be an author any tips ?
    Do some more chocolate box girls books I've read all. Of series one


  • christie, age 12

    I love these books

  • Anonymous commenter

    I am like addicted to your books! They're like the BEST EVER! One day I want to be a author just like you. I like the way you stuff up the mist in your books there are layers of excitement, love, mystery and curiosity. I am sooooo waiting for the next book if your making one......? I hope your next book might be about Finch and Skye. xxxxxxxxx :):):):)

  • Debadrita, age 14

    Cathy! I just simply love u. I have read most of your books in my kindle, cos I don't get them in India. Haven't read Hopes and Dreams but I bet it would be awesome too.

  • Cathy, age 11

    OMG THIS IS SO INSIPRING i really ove this books its told me to follow my dreams and hopes, thats what al your books have told me I hope one day i get to be like you cathyand be able to meet you Thanks again for your books xxx

  • Coco ellya, age 13

    Hi cathy i have not read snowflakes and wishes so i wonder if coco n lawrie will be together. maybe some day they will marry. anyways, could you make lawrie appear on cctv? it would mean the world 2 me if u did that. by the way, my name's also coco so i am looking forward to you writing another book about her.

    your crazy fan, Coco xx

  • Anonymous commenter

    I agree with Saoirse. i really wanna read aa book on any of summer's friend bcoz Summer and Honey are my fav sisters. or you can also write a book on Aaron or JJ or Anthony or anybody. I am trying to get Sweet Honey and Chocolate box girls secrets.

  • neomi, age 10

    This book sounds ace and i cant wait to read it. I love summers dream and I'm sure that i will love this too coz i have read alot of Cathy's books and she is my fave author

  • Sofia, age 10

    I love all of the books in the chocolate box series! I just read coco caramel and it was amazing! I am halfway through sweet honey and its really good, I still need to read finch's story, lawries story and fortune cookie but please carry on with the series! I love them!

  • Moona, age 13

    Being realistic here Lots of other athours are swell but Cathy is AMAZING! I abosultly LOVE LOVE LOVE Scarlett If you haven't read it SPOILERS It is about a girl who goes to Ireland to live with her dad and she meets a boy Kian,which I personally think is an amazing name,and it's a summer romance story which i really recomend because it is so amazingly brilliantly supebly AWSOME!
    I also like Summers dream as I think it is a really good way to get the message of anorexia across particuarly as i am a ballet dancer as well

  • Anonymous commenter

    i loved all ur books especially sweet honey nd coco caramel!!
    Please bring all of these short stories out on paperback (Alfie,Jodie,finch,lawries stories) i absolutely love the way u write...

  • Melissa

    OMG cathy i ❤️your books!!! I think you are such a good author and i love reading and writing so id like to be an author one day and you are inspiration to me. I just LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    The mini stories (Jodie,Alfie,Finch and Lawrie) are some of the best books I have ever read!!! You are the best author ever Cathy!!!

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