Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie's Story

Alfie knew how he felt about Summer Tanberry from the moment he saw her dance.

As Valentine 's Day and Summer's birthday approaches, Alfie is determined to find the perfect present to make her smile again. With the help of an old-friend he hatches what he thinks is the perfect surprise, but Summer's twin sister Skye isn't so sure . . .

Can Alfie make Summer's dream come true without breaking her heart?

The first in a delicious series of eBook shorts from Cathy Cassidy.

Reviews of Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie's Story
  • Anonymous commenter

    that sounds good

  • Anonymous commenter

    This book is amazing! I lovevit

  • Anonymous commenter

    plz bring out hopes and dreams jodie's story in paperback. i like summer and her friends very much and i haven't got a kindle..........

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love the way that Cathy writes her book! She is sooooo amazing and I adore her books! Reading her books is so addictive! :D

  • Kit, age 13

    I love all of Cathy's books, too bad I live in America

  • Anonymous commenter


  • Hannah, age 13

    Dear Cathy Summer is so lucky to have her birthday on Valentines day! A day for love. I know that Alfie Anderson is the class clown but there is also a sweet side to him. I love novels with love and friendship and honesty. That's what your books are about. I haven't got the book yet but dying to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hannah, age 11

    OMG need this book right NOW! Am addicted to the chocolate box series and you are my face author Cathy! The chocolate box series is the best ever! I am most like Skye cos I am very dreamy and I love fashion. I also love dancing like Summer, animals like Coco, art like Honey and writing like Cherry. My favourite is Marshmallow Skye. Luv u Cathyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Cathy, age 11

    Amazing! I am just speechless cathy ! You have once agan captured my interest! All your books are just amazing1 I hope u write more thanks cathy Thanks a lot xxx

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book soo much

  • Anonymous commenter

    can't wait to read this amazing book very soon

  • Alephia, age 13

    I have read most of your books and think that they are amazing...I love your books and will definitely read this book when it comes out...Your no.1 fan

  • Tazzy B, age 12

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE get these stories on paperback!!!!!!!

  • Olivia, age 12

    Can you please turn this book as paperback? By the way, your books are AWESOME!!!!!! I love them, they are sooooo interesting!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Wooo! I absolutely love your books! AND I am lucky enough to meet you on the 2nd of Febuary, on a morning trip to a school! You'll be signing my book! Squuueee
    Anyway, I can't wait!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    OMG! I love all your books.... I LOVED summer's dream too! I finished reading it the other day and loved it! I can't wait to read this book!!!!!!

  • Jennifer, age 14

    I love how sweet Alfie is to Summer! :)

  • Priya, age 16

    I still love your books - all of the Chocolate Box girls are amazing, expecially, Skye and Summer...DEFINATELY will get this when it comes out!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I absolutely LOVE all of your books and I really want to read this book can it not be in paperback

  • Anonymous commenter

    Please bring this out as a paperback x

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