Bittersweet (£1 World Book Day book)

An extra-special short book to celebrate World Book Day 2013 - yours for only £1 or free with a WBD token!

Shay, the boy with the cool blond fringe and the blue guitar, the boy who smells of darkness and the ocean, is Cherry’s boyfriend. But it wasn’t always this way. Once, he was in love with Honey, Cherry’s oldest step-sister. Since their break-up, bitterness has twisted every word she’s said to him.

Now Honey needs his help. Should Shay reach out to her – or is it safer to steer clear?

Dip into the delicious world of the Chocolate Box Girls, as for the first ever time Shay gets the chance to tell his own story. And don’t miss the rest of the Chocolate Box Girls series: Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer’s Dream.

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Reviews of Bittersweet (£1 World Book Day book)
  • Juliana, age 12

    I haven't read bitter sweet yet but im hoping it's in my local library. i just loved cherry crush and summer's dream. i'm in nz and i wish i got to have the whole series of my own. thanks cathy for ur books

  • Anna Marie, age 13

    OMG! I got the book yesterday morning and finished it that night! Great book, great idea to do Shay' s side of the story and see how he manages to cope with the Tanberrys! Can't wait for more CC books (Coco and Honey)
    Anna xox

  • Candy, age 14

    Ohmigosh Love love love these books!! Can't wait for honeys one, it's kinda weird but I relate to her big time! When I read cherry crush I was like woah is she writing a book of my life? I mean we even have similar names! So weird... Anyway reheeeallllly great books!!!!!

  • Daniela, age 11

    I think you should do anther series of "The Chocolate Box Boys"
    Like Alfie, Shay, Cherry's Dad, Aaron...
    Maybe you could do a book about Greg Tanberry coming back?
    Love your books!
    Can't wait for the others to come out!
    Hope you cosider my thoughts and comment!
    Thank you,
    Daniela xx

  • It's Me, age a million

    this is kinda weird cause' the series is called chocolate box GIRLS

  • Anonymous commenter

    I really confused about this is cocoa Caramel before or after bittersweet in the series??????????

  • Eliana, age 10 nearly 11

    I have just read Bittersweet and I loved it. I thought it was so beautiful. But in Coco Caramel does Shay's story get relived. Except in Coco's point of view? I can't wait till it is released!

  • Molly Wilson, age 9

    I love all your books! I started reading your books when I was at the library and there was none of the books I normally read so I picked out Cherry Crush and I'm only too glad it was the first book of the choclate box girls or it wouldn't of made sense, I haven't yet read Coco Caremel or Bittersweet but I can't wait to!!!!!!!!!

  • megan, age 11

    I ADORE the rest of the chocolate box girls and love all of your other books! BITTERSWEET LOOKS AMAZING!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hiya Cathy , I think that u should make more characters for the chocolate box girls

  • kimu, age 12

    is this one about shay

  • Anonymous commenter

    BITTERSWEET ROCKS. I couldn't stop reading this book as soon as I started it.
    Keep them coming Cathy.

  • ruby, age 9

    i think bitter sweet sounds so good, shay is one of my favorite characters in the chocolate box series, can't wait till its out!!!!! <3

  • Olivia, age 9

    Bittersweet is in the best set of books in the world. Write as long as U can, Cathy!

  • Lucy, age 12

    I is an awesome twist in the series as it is written by Shay rather than one of the girls. I really like how Shay turns to music when he is feeling troubled. Honey is sneaky and sly but then somehow she shows a tiny slither of her nice side towards the end. Cathy Cassidy is definitely my favourite author,I love her style of writing!!!!! :) xxx

  • Katherine, age 11

    Hey i think Martha,Age 11 is right you should make some movies out of you books i sometimes sit in bed and think 'bout how i'd like to see "The Chocolate Box Girls:Cherry Crush","The Chocolate Box Girls: Marshmallow Skye","The Chocolate Box Girls: Summer's Dream","The Chocolate Box Girls:Coco Caramel" and Honeys book (dunno what the title is yet) being released 1 by after they are done and i also think Charlotte should have a book 'cause is a girl right.

    Katie xx

  • Martha, age 11

    I'm absolutely obsessed with your books I love all of them!! I love bittersweet and I think its really good. I was thinking maybe you should make some of the books into movies and in the bittersweet music video you should have shown Shay's face otherwise I think you are brilliant writer and hope you write lots more books because they are the best

  • Hanna Ruhee, age 11

    I havent read it yet but i bet it will be great! I cant wait one for Honey comes out!! Ur amazing Cathy Cassidy!!!!!!!!!!! I love ALL of your books!!!!!

  • Asmaa, age 8

    I already got the book bitter sweet. Sarah always gives me Cathy Cassidy books.
    When we are at Sunday School Learning Bournemouth , Sarah always gets me another new Cathy Cassidy book. Sarah is my Sister .

  • Jessica, age 12

    omg i really want to read this book and i am so confuesd i dont know if i want shay to go out with cherry or honey.BTW your a much better writer than jacqueline wilson

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