Shay is back in this special short story!

Shay, the boy with the cool blond fringe and the blue guitar, the boy who smells of darkness and the ocean, is Cherry’s boyfriend. But it wasn’t always this way. Once, he was in love with Honey, Cherry’s oldest step-sister. Since their break-up, bitterness has twisted every word she’s said to him.

Now Honey needs his help. Should Shay reach out to her – or is it safer to steer clear?

Dip into the delicious world of the Chocolate Box Girls, as for the first ever time Shay gets the chance to tell his own story. And don’t miss the rest of the Chocolate Box Girls series: Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer’s Dream.

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Reviews of Bittersweet
  • jessie, age 10

    hi cathy i love your books i cant wait to get bittersweet. i already have the books dizzy cherry crush marshmallow skye summers dream coco caramel sweet honey and fortune cookie love you from Jessie

  • Jessie, age 9

    I love your books so much I already have7, Dizzy the festival girl cherry crush marshmallow Skye summers dream coco caramel sweet honey love you

  • Claudia, age 13

    Shay is my favorite character from all Cathy's books. I can relate to him so much.

  • seliz, age 13

    Bittersweet, its soo lovely I read it 7 times

  • Eva, age 10

    This book was so good! I read it a million times over.

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book its my favourite I wish I could write like you.

  • freya, age 9

    This was the first book I read by Cathy.It was world book day normally school gives me a token so I can pick a book.I just pick random ones with nice covers like I did when I got the book.But there was something about the book when I read it which was amazing.Now I'm a BIG fan I have nearly all your books all thanks to world book day!

  • Cathy, age 11

    My name is cathy ! I REALLY CANT WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK i keep asking my school library to put them in order all of your books I WISH THEY WOUD ACCUALY DO IT! i love you and your book xxx BIGGEST FAN

  • Cathy, age 11

    OMG i love your books cathy! This is a great book its bitter and sweet I LOVE reading your books and its so great and m very happy i have the smae name as you cathy i am your biggest fan!

  • Maria, age 13

    Oh My Life I didn't know that this book was out, I didn't even know there was one .-. I really need to read this and Fortune Cookie! I got a question, which number is this book? I don't know which book it's after? Help, please...

  • Paria, age 13

    I have ordered this book because it as a world book day book but I can't wait to read shay's story and I have bought the coco caramel I have read your first 3 books and they were so easy to get hooked in thanks Cathy. Xx

  • Destiny, age 11

    That's one of my favourite books that I have ever read from you!!
    - Bittersweet is really BITTER... but sweet!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    I love this book so much x

  • freja, age 10

    read all of cathy's books including bittersweet and i have now got Sweet Honey and what i've read of its so far is amazing. I <3 your books cathy xx

  • Leah, age 11

    Hi Cathy,
    Read this book in under 2 hours it was so good! Mini books are great to read! Please write loaaaaaads more!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leah xx

  • harita, age 11

    Okay now i know why this book was short i forgot to read the book description

  • Megan, age 11

    I really like this book but it's not at all like the books about the actual chocolate box girls. I can't relate to the main character, Shay, as much as I could to Skye, for example. I love the song though, it's a gorgeous way of saying sorry to Cherry. xxx

  • harita, age 11

    This book is amazing but i didn't expect it to be really short your books are really cool KEEP WRITING MORE COOL BOOKS CATHY ........P.S how is Shay a chocolate box girl he is practically a boy???????????? :] :] :] :] :] :]

  • Anonymous commenter

    That book was very , VERY good . I absolutely LOVE cathy's books . I can't stop reading them !!

  • Silvie, age 11

    I have just finished reading 'The Chocolate Box Girls' series. I really enjoyed reading them. Your writing is really along my lines as my style is girly but fun, romantic but adventurous, calm but energetic. Thank you Cathy Cassidy, your the best! ♡ xx

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