Summer's Dream

SUMMER is quiet, confident, pretty, popular and VERY serious about dance . . .

Summer has always dreamed of dancing, and when a place at ballet school comes up, she wants it so badly it hurts.

Middle school ends and the holidays begin, but unlike her sisters, Summer has no time for lazy days and sunny beach parties. The audition becomes her obsession, and things start spiralling out of control . . .

The more Summer tries to find perfection, the more lost she becomes. Will she realise - with the help of the boy who wants more than friendship - that dreams come in all shapes and sizes?

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Reviews of Summer's Dream
  • Amy, age 11

    I've just read Summer's Dream for 4th time and have missed how i completely slip out of reality into a different world and its like a movie right around me, i love the feeling it gives me and i love the way you describe how all the characters are feeling cause it gives me a tingling feel through my whole body, i love all your books, you have soooo much talent and i love how you show so much emotion and feel to it. I'd be lying if i said that i have always dreamed of being a writer but since i was 9 i figured that i liked using describing words to describe how i was feeling in my diary( hey!, i was only little,well not really but yeah, haha ) but then i started to write stories using all the describing words i knew, well i don't like to boast but i think i knew alot by then cause i was always going to the school library and borrowing loads of books that caught my eye but by now i already know too well to never judge a book by its cover. Anyway lets just say i also LOVE to write because i have a wild imagination and i have all these crazy ideas for stories buzzing in my head so i write them down and start a story but sometimes i get stuck but a new, crazy idea pops into my head so i keep going. Sorry everybody and of course you Cathy for being self-centered, i just felt like i need to let you guys and Cathy how i feel about your books and how crazily in love i am with them, ill probably end up getting married with Summer's Dream haha ( i know, im a weird one). One last thing before you fall asleep from reading this or if you ever do read this, i think im a bit like all of the chocolate box girl's personality's, Summer, im starting to get shyer as i grow and i although i do not do dance, i am very serious about the things i love to do like summer is with dance and im very determined. Skye, I love to dream but sometimes knowing my wild imagination i get in trouble like honey gets in trouble ( but no where as near as bad ) and i can get very moody on some days. Like Coco, i love animals especially dogs, they are soo adorable and they always know when somethings up and help make you feel better ( well that's what i think, anyway ) and also im a bit of a tomboy too, but i do think about boys sometimes but i have decided their to complicated for now so im going to leave them until im a bit older like summer did or has she ? and of course cherry, the one thing we both have in common big time is writing, gosh i just love writing especially when its my world that im creating ;). Haven't read marshmallow Skye yet but have ordered it from another library and its on its way so ill be reading it in no time also i haven't read Sweet Honey but are dying to read it but i don't think its out in my library where i live but ill find out, i promise. i love you Cathy, your amazing :) please email me, if you have time.

  • Anja , age 11

    The book is very nicee :)

  • Angelina , age 10

    I love this book. I read this book for 1 day! Keep writing wonderful stories.

  • Anonymous commenter

    omg, this book is fab! i love Summer but I was so upset because of what happened.

  • Evy, age 13

    Hi Cathy! whether this book is not translated in Indonesian? because I wanted to read it but I didn't find it in Indonesian. I hope you can translate and publish it in Indonesian. thanks

  • Summer, age 10

    I LOVE this book. I have borrowed it from the library and just finished reading it.
    I am quite like the summer in this book except I don't share her passion for dancing. I am mostly like Coco. Also I have just read a Jaqueline Wilson book and if you like Jaqueline's books you will love Cathy's chocolate box series.

  • Cheri, age 12

    I love this book! I'm sort of like a mish-mash of all the different sisters which is great because it means I can relate to all of them easily. Also I can imagine i'm there with them, put myself in their shoes. I have never told anyone this but when I read "Summer's Dream" I actually cried! I love ballet too and also am waiting for the chance to go en pointe! I'm like Skye because I get worried and worked up about things and I have to just take a step back to see that I'm just kicking up a cloud of dust for no reason, and the dust is covering me from what's really going on. But unfortunately for me I have a short fuse just like Honey. I'm in love with animals like Coco and I'm a bit of a misfit like Cherry. But she has Shay and at the moment I find boys a bit scary. If you see this maybe include the name Trinity or Ali in your later books! You're my favorite author, Cathy and keep on writing!

  • Tilda, age 12

    Summers Dream is an amazing book! It keeps me on the edge of my seat! I am a ballerina and the thought of what happens to Summer really hits home

  • Soso , age 11

    This is so so inspiring and helpful and I share the same dream as summer and inspires me to chase my dream but be careful about what I eat.

  • Summerlove, age 12

    I LOVE Summer's Dream. It's an amazing book and I can't wait for Sweet Honey to come out too. I love the chocolate box girls!! <3

  • Anonymous commenter

    Summer's Dream is amazing and inspiring! I recently read it - best yet!

  • coco crazy!, age 11

    I LOVE Summers dream! Its a VERY good book, and i can't wait for Sweet Honey to come out! I LOVE CATHY CASSIDY!!!!!

  • Crystal, age 10

    Summer's Dream is actually the third book Lauren, so they didn't get married three days later. I hope that clears your confusion. :D

  • lauren, age 9

    hey cathy I love your books so much I read cherry crush I love it now im reading smmers dream, its so good its a bit werid when the get married 3 days later though I love your books os much from Lauren.

  • asanda, age 12

    So far I'm HOOKED onto SUMMER'S DREAM, I'm so anxious to know the ending. I know its going to be fab. Thanks cathy 4 writing such amazing stories

  • Crystal, age 10

    At first, after reading Marshmallow Skye, I thought I wanted to be like Summer but now I realize I don't really want be like her at all. This book has inspired me to get into ballet but I don't feel like I could handle all that pressure so it's just a hobby for me. Alfie and Summer are perfect together. Aaron is an AWFUL boyfriend to have.

  • Lucy, age 12

    I love summer I am always trying to find out which chocolate box girl I am most like now I realise it's summer because I'm not a ballerina, I'm a runner but I know what it's like to feel like you're lost or drowning

  • Anonymous commenter

    Spectacular. Such a talented writer. I have read plenty of book series, but The Chocolate Box Girls series is by far my favourite. Love Summers Dream so so much. Love all of Cathy's books.

  • Tia Maria, age 12

    I love this story...
    It's so cute how Alfie and Summer got together

  • Jessica, age 10

    Amazing book. I read bittersweet and had to read this. Also read marshmallow Skye and now reading coco caramel. I'm not sure wether to send my book to cathy to be signed in case I don't get it back. Please tell me if I will get it back!

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