Summer's Dream

SUMMER is quiet, confident, pretty, popular and VERY serious about dance . . .

Summer has always dreamed of dancing, and when a place at ballet school comes up, she wants it so badly it hurts.

Middle school ends and the holidays begin, but unlike her sisters, Summer has no time for lazy days and sunny beach parties. The audition becomes her obsession, and things start spiralling out of control . . .

The more Summer tries to find perfection, the more lost she becomes. Will she realise - with the help of the boy who wants more than friendship - that dreams come in all shapes and sizes?

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Reviews of Summer's Dream
  • Emma, age 11

    Bus is my fav book out of the chocolate book series and I recommend it to any one who loves dance or is have any pro lems with life. I read this when I was 9 and I am now still reading it.

  • Megan, age 10

    I love summers dream and I would reccomend it because you get stuck in the story!

  • Anonymous commenter

    This book is awesome and my favourite book :)

  • Dominika, age 11

    I really enjoyed this book it has so many amazing twists and character development it was awesome! I can relate to Summer because I am a perfectionist and i like to impress.It was amazing to meet you Cathy keep writing awesome books!

  • Alara, age 12

    This is such an amazingly written book and I just love it, it's made me smile and cry. Summer is such a deeply thought through character and I expect that it took a lot of time to make the story... I love the way you draw me into your books and it's like I'm right there with Summer.
    Lots of love,
    Alara x

  • Anonymous commenter

    This book is like AMAZING!!! Like really. Man its amazing. I couldn't put it down!
    Even when I was eating I was like: Gotta read more pages. I was sooo excited when I got the book!! I mean, wow! Really! This book (plus the others) is like amazing! Wow, I've said amazing alot haven't I? Really. Woooow!

  • Anonymous

    Stay strong, Summer! Don't let this eating disorder destroy your ballet dreams! Love this book, another work of art, well done Cathy!

  • Jasia, age 9

    I love this book so so much! I read it so quickly!How do you do it Cathy?!!!

  • Hayley, age 11

    Summer's dream is the best book that I've ever read! It really draws you in and I never wanted it to end! I think it's also very educational because it teaches you a lot about anorexia. I love all of Cathy's books and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. This book is awesome!

  • Jasia, age 9

    I have just read this book and I loved it soooooo much,I read it faster than any other book I read!

  • Yasmeenah, age 12

    I absoloutely LOVE your books Cathy! They really grasp your attention and urge you to read more! I love how they are based on reality and not on cliches too! I ABSOLOUTELY LOVE how you have also raised awareness for anorexia in this book also! Continue being amazing and inspiring PS: I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE BOX SERIES AND ALL THE OTHER AMAZBALLS BOOKS OF YOURS!

  • Ally, age 10

    I love Summer- she's my favorite character! And I love your books. They are phenomenal!

  • Faiza, age 10

    hey, love all your books dad is getting it for me tommorow i gave heard it though

  • Heather, age 11

    BRIL BOOK! Full to the brim with DREAMS, DANCING and DRAMA!!!

  • Rebecca, age 11

    I thought this book was amazing because I could relate to it. I love ballet and it made me cry, laugh and sit up all night until I finished it. That's what makes a great book. Thanks for writing it Cathy. It's definetaly one of the best books I've ever read (accept for your other books of course

  • abbie, age 9

    summers dream is the best i love dancing so it was a great book for me i love cathy cassidy's books xoxoxo

  • devapriya, age 10

    summer's dream is wonderful

  • kemi, age 11

    Cathy I just want to say ur one of the best authors I know and I want to thank u for writing all these good books and write now I have read marshmallow sky, sweet honey and now I am reading cherry crush but I won't be able to finish it cause I am leaving for boarding school in 3 days but I still love ur books,thanks.

  • Tortuga, age 13

    I'm going to read this book. So excited. :)

  • Sarah-Lee Banks, age 11

    I luuuuuuuuv this book. This book really suits me because i have been dancing ever since i can remember. I love ballet dancing so i am very like summer. I think this book is awesome and i read it everyday after school for hours.

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