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Saturday 28 January 2017

BROKEN HEART CLUB is out in paperback and I am off on tour for a week to talk to readers old and new in schools all around the country! I'll be signing books, answering questions and giving away a few secret hints about my new book, coming in JUNE - the first in a brand new series!

It has been a very busy start to 2017 for me, but it's great to have lots of ideas in the pipeline! I have set aside a copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB to give away - if you'd like to be in with a chance, just comment below and tell me why it should be yours! Talking of giveaways, there are LOTS just now over on my Facebook Fanpage, so if you or a parent has FB do go and 'like' the page and check in every evening so as not to miss out on the freebies!

I'll be updating the EVENTS page soon with the first few events for this year... hopefully I'll be in your area soon! 

Don't forget to COMMENT BELOW to tell me what you've been up to, and to enter the giveaway for a signed copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB. What are you waiting for?!!

15 Comments on OFF ON TOUR!

  • Rhea Verma, age 10

    Hello Cathy,
    I am a big fan of your books and have just started reading The Broken Heart Club. In fact you came to my school today (Trent College/The Elms) All of us there enjoyed the afternoon learning about you and your books! I just wanted to say hello and wish you good luck for the future!
    -Rhea xxx

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hi Cathy,

    I came to your book signing and I had my book signed. I am really happy now as you are my favorite author!

    From Niamh.

  • Nafeesah, age 12

    I have been to see u Cathy Cassidy yesterday in Blue Gates Field Junior School.
    I absolutely loved it and it was an honour getting to meet you Cathy! I also bought the broken heart club and am currently reading and am enjoying every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every letter!

  • Nurrani, age 12

    I had an amazing day meeting Cathy Cassidy on thursday, i even got the book broken heart club signed. I have already started reading this book when i first bought it and it has inspired me to read more of Cathy Cassidy's books. I do hope to meet you again. xxx

  • Anonymous commenter

    hi how are you im louis and i am mad about your books ive the choclate boxs series and also broken heart club

  • Rebecca, age 12

    2017 is soo busy for me! This September I'll be going into secondary. I'm really nervous because none of my friends are going to my secondary school. And also please update the CCTV I really love watching it!

  • Jessica Wall, age 10

    I don't like your books . I love them!!!

  • Katie, age 16

    Hi Cathy, your books were some of the first I read when I moved to my old school after a . . . "fun" Year 3 experience, courtesy my """wonderful""" teacher, and I have been in love with them every since. I've related to so many of your characters over various points in my life: Ginger feeling like an outside, Skye feeling overshadowed by her amazingly talented sister, Summer and her desire to be perfect ruining her mental health. Your books have helped me so much through things that have happened, from petty Year 6 bullies to making the first step to getting treatment for my pretty much lifelong depression and anxiety, and to simply giving me a sweet, fluffy book to read when I'm feeling down. I've come so far from when I first picked up "Ginger Snaps", and you've been a part of that journey, even though we've never even met. I could not thank you enough for everything you've done for me, and for everyone else like me owes so much to you and your books.

    But I'm trying to do that now so

    Thank you Cathy

    Thank you

  • kate calvert, age 10

    Dear Cathy,
    I have just discovered your fabulous books and I find them totally engaging! I have nearly read all of the Chocolate Box Series and can't wait for your new series to come out. When I was little you visited my mum's school in Wolverhampton and she never got me a signed copy of Coco Caramel (which is now my favourite book.) It would be the best 11th birthday present ever and I will tresure it forever ! I have told all my friends about you and your books and loads of girls in my school are now reading them from your number 1 fan Kate.

  • Anonymous commenter

    Your my best author i love your books so far i have read Dizzy and Chocolate box girls

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