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2016 - WHAT A YEAR...

Monday 5 December 2016

Maybe a little bit of Christmas magic can chase away the sad stuff... who knows? I lost my mum and my mum-in-law this year, after very difficult illnesses, and then my lovely dog Kelpie died after an accident in the park... you can read more about that here, but as you can imagine it felt like the very last straw. I am getting through it all with the help of my family and my amazing readers (special thanks to all who have emailed, written or messaged to cheer me up!).

We've also adopted another rescue lurcher - Ziggy had been abused and abandoned, and although she's only a year old, at some point she's had a broken pelvis which has healed a little bit squint and left her with a zig-zaggy way of walking. In spite of this, she is the cutest, coolest dog EVER, and she's shown me that there is always something to be happy about in life, especially when that something is dog-shaped!

What else is new? Well, I'm writing the first book of a new series which I am very, VERY excited about... it will be out in June, and I think you're going to LOVE it! I'm just back from a book fair in PARIS where I got to meet more of my lovely French readers, and I've had a great meeting with my friends at PUFFIN HQ to talk about some AWESOME ideas for next year... I think you will approve!

So... what's been happening in YOUR world in 2016? Post below to tell me everything! Meanwhile, me and Ziggy had better get back to work... check in just before Christmas for a new message, too!

Lots of love, 

Cathy (and Ziggy!) xxx


14 Comments on 2016 - WHAT A YEAR...

  • Katie, age 16

    My year has been a mixed bag but it ended with me getting second in my year! YAYY a new book in time for my birthday!!!!!

  • josie, age 12

    It's so good that you adopt abused dogs as it gives them a second chance in life! Ever so exited to read your new book!

  • Anonymous commenter

    My year has been AWESOME!
    I found a bunch of great friends who really like me and i like them.
    I had a crush on a really nice guy and i was able to tell him i like him.
    AND, i had really nice teachers.

  • Anonymous commenter

    Dear, Cathy,
    I am completely devastated to hear about the things you've gone through. I can't imagine the endless pain something like that can cause. It is good to hear that you are keeping an optimistic view even though it's the hardest thing in the world--because we can't always maintain a smile on our faces; it's not easy to believe things will be better. But you believe. And there's nothing more golden than hope.
    Your books have helped me a lot when I was going through depression. I learned to read people better, understand misunderstanding, let go of things, and move on. You were the one who ignited my love for reading. Thank you, Cathy.
    I am looking forward to read your new series. I absolutely fell in love with The Chocolate Box Girls series, and I'm curious about what's in the pipeline. But, hey, if it's from Cathy Cassidy, it's bound to be good.
    I hope things look up for you in 2017 and that you never forget the messages that YOU taught US.
    I cannot express my regrets and condolences enough. But I wished to let you know that you made a huge difference in many people's lives.

  • Savhannah, age 12

    it's been a hard year for me too. 3 of my grandparents died. I've been bullied a lot. I've had a weird illness.

    I hope 2017 is better

  • PurpleViolinFawn, age 11

    I lost my best friend a couple of years ago, it was my cat ,he was 19 years old!We had to put him down the day before my sisters birthday party, sometimes I am upset but really deep down inside I know it was the right thing that had to happen.

  • Sally Lacey, age 13

    Hello! My mom just showed me this website, I love reading your books! They're so good and it makes you feel as if you were the person who is living your story's. I really like the chocolate girls, especially Summer! I would like to read another book about her, I have read them all at least two times! I am also very sorry for your loss, but after something bad comes always a great surprise! Keep smiling and enjoy your life! I wish you a happy new year!

  • Xiani, age 10

    2016 has probably been the best years of my life, since I have came to the saviour and lord Jesus Christ and the father God, also I had the best class the teacher was funny and we all agreed we were a big family us yr 5's and 4's. :) I've read more of your books which bring soo much joy to me! I've been selected already in 2016 for 5 QLD Academy and IMPACT writing courses. I LOVE Writing too! Happy 2017 everyone!! Ziggy is gorgeous!! You rock Cathy!! xoxo ~ Xiani

  • Heidi, age 18

    I'm so sorry to hear about your losses! I cannot imagine how difficult the year has been for you! I lost my granddad a few months ago, and my heart goes out to you and your family! Ziggy looks absolutely adorable! First thing that came to mind when I read her name was "Aw, little lady stardust!" which might have been jumping the gun a bit haha!
    Crikey, what hasn't happened? I've not properly picked up one of your books in a while. I read a bit of Cherry Crush to my little sister, but after a while she wanted to read it for herself, which I thought was incredibly selfish of her to be quite honest haha!
    I've discovered epic fantasy! I'm going to uni next year to do filmmaking, so I have many many word documents packed with mythology, lore, history, fairytales and my own made up stories. I've also got a list of book adaptations I'd like to do, and you're books are definitely there! Of course, I'd never do anything without author approval!
    I hope you're well, and I'm very glad to see new books on this website (last time I was on here was for Looking-Glass Girl, which I adored!) I thought I'd leave you with a link to something that I found truly fascinating!

  • Charlotte , age 9

    Hey cathy, my mum bought me chocolate box secrets yesterday and am going to try some with my awesome BFF Emma also got fortune cookie for Christmas and have read that too will you do another series like chocolate box girls/boy cos I'm sad it's finished hope u get back to me happy new year xx

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