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Friday 30 May 2014

That's it... I'm all packed and ready to hit the road for my SWEET HONEY tour around the UK. I can't wait to see what you all think of the new book! I will be doing public signings in BROMLEY & KINGSTON on Sat 31st May, BIRMINGHAM 1st June, NEWTON MEARNS after school on Friday 6th, EAST KILBRIDE & EDINBURGH on Saturday 7th, DUMFRIES on Sunday 8th, CHESTER on Saturday 14th and BLUEWATER on Sunday 15th. In between, there will be lots of school visits... I can't wait! You can find out more about my public signings on the EVENTS page. The DUMFRIES event is a very cool afternoon tea with tickets at £3.50 to include cake... so book quickly before it sells out!

If you're coming along to a signing, why not bring a couple of friends? Groups of three or more attending will be entered into a prize draw to win a cool sleepover kit, and the overall winners from the tour will win a fun makeover session! If you can't enter the EVENTS comp then try out fab SELFIES or SHELFIES comp... just send in a pic of you with your fave CC book (hopefully SWEET HONEY!) or a pic of your bookshelf with CC books on it! The best will be included in a playlist on CCTV and the overall winner will get a cool camera and tripod kit! Find out more about the comps HERE.

In other news, I have been shortlisted for the fabby QUEEN OF TEEN award again... I'd love to be the first author to win that crown twice, but I really need your votes! You can cast your votes HERE... pretty please? I can pr

51 Comments on SWEET HONEY TOUR!

  • Joleigh, age 12

    Hi Cathy
    i cant wait to read sweet honey and I will defenetly vote for u xx

  • Crystal, age 10

    Can't wait to get Sweet Honey, honestly. Also, you deserve the Queen of Teen award. I'll be sure to vote for you!!!!

  • Lizzie, age 12

    Amazing! Nice to hear that you 'finished' "Sweet Honey" and going on a tour for it :D Hope you get 'Queen Of Teen' again!!! xxx

  • Lucy Murdoch, age 9

    My names Lucy, I love sweet honey, it is defiantly the best book ever written! I can't believe who was hacking honey I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't sleeping when I read that! The book is full of shocking but wonderful surprises!
    Love Lucy (one of Cathy Cassidys biggest fans)

  • Naomi, age 10

    Great! I can't wait for Sweet Honey, I'm sure it's going to be fantastic! I hope you win the Queen of Teen award again! :)

  • Maya, age 11

    I've already pre-ordered this on my Kindle! I can't wait to read it! You TOTALLY deserve Queen of Teen. You really understand teenage girls.

  • Deborah, age 14

    Good Luck with all the touring! I honestly can't wait for Sweet Honey to come out. Not only will I have all five sister's stories but i'll finally find out why Honey is always so destructive and off-the-rails!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Can,t wait to get sweet honey I know it's going to be fabulous! I will vote for you I do hope you win all of your books are amazing!

  • Molly, age 11

    I can't wait for you to go to your last destination on your tour for I will Finally get a copy of sweet honey I bet it's amazing

  • Rhianna , age 11

    Amaze I can't wait for the book to be released into stores. It's going to be great like all of your other books and hopefully you do win the 'Queen Of Teen' Anyways Good Luck C Ya Xxxxx

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