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Monday 12 May 2014

It's not often I ask a favour of you, but this one is IMPORTANT... it's a way for you to show that you care about girls in danger on the other side of the world. I'm talking about the 276 schoolgirls from Chibok, Nigeria, who were kidnapped in April by an extremist group who have threatened to sell the girls as slaves.

These girls have done nothing wrong; they are JUST LIKE YOU... can you imagine how frightened they must be feeling now, torn away from their homes and families? We are so far away it may feel like there isn't much we can do to help, but we CAN show that we care.

On my blog-zine, DREAMCATCHER, I have posted a CHALLENGE: for my readers to send in a selfie holding a sign that says #Bring BackOurGirls and also to write a letter to one of the missing girls, whose names are listed on the blog. Send a pic of the letter to me, too; if I get enough, I will make a slideshow of your messages of support and your #BringBackOurGirls selfies. The letters you write may not get to the missing girls, but perhaps a little of your concern and caring will find its way to the captive girls. 

If you want to be extra-awesome, you can get your friends and teachers involved in this project too. You, my readers, are the most amazing people I know. You have so much to give; can you spare five minutes to show the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls that you are thinking of them and praying for their safe return? Click on DREAMCATCHER now and scroll back to find the #BringBackOurGirls post; it will explain more about what you can do.

Thank you... for being awesome, for being YOU.

Cathy xxx

28 Comments on DO SOMETHING AWESOME...

  • Deborah, age 14

    I'm definitely going to do this and spread the word! This is something to serious to let go.

  • Joleigh, age 12

    I feel really sorry for those girls they must be worried sick And there parents. I am going to ask my tutor if we can do that selfie presentation

  • Lizzie, age 12

    I am so sad about what has happened. I will try and see what help me and my friends can do. Really Sad event :(

  • Zoë, age 13

    I am definitely doing this, those girls need help and even if we can't help them, we can show that we care.
    Thanks Cathy xxx

  • year 7 Reading Club, age 11/12

    Dear Cathy, we found this on your website and are really happy that you want to do something about the missing girls. we are going to do your challenge, as we are really concerned. We plan to get the whole school involved (and we're so looking forward to meeting you in June!) From year 7 reading club and Mrs Swan

  • abbie, age 13

    I feel sooooooooooo sorry for them .im tots gonna help spread the word

  • Ishika, age 12

    I am definetly going to this and Iwe will show that we care.

  • Emily, age 11

    I am 100 percent going to do this. Although I don't know anyone nigerian if that was me I would be scared to living death, so I'm defiantly getting as many people as possible to participate. I hope and pray that God will be looking after these young school girls

  • hannah, age 11

    WOW ! Totally going to tell all my friends to get behind this great cause ! ILY CATHY !!!

  • Sonadi, age 14

    That's so evil. I can't believe that kind of things can happen. But i guess it's true. We'll do all we can to save innocent girls like that and show we do care. really!

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