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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Phew! just recovering from an awesome World Book Week... I took part in the Biggest Book Tour roadshow and met lots of fab readers, old and new! I especially loved meeting the girls from my Blackburn event who were dressed as the characters from my books... it was as if the stories had come to life! Did you have fun on World Book Day? Remember you can use your World Book Day token to get £1 off any book... what will YOU buy?

I'm home again now but no time to rest... I'm planning out a new book, due out this time next year. It's top secret for now, but trust me you are going to LOVE it! I've just finished writing another of my little 'extra' e-book shorts, like the fabby 'Chocolates & Flowers: Alfie's Story.' This new one is called 'Hopes & Dreams' and tells the story of Summer's friend Jodie - it will be out next month, just in time for Easter! Don't say I'm not good to you! You can find the e-books at a bargain mini-price over on

Have you had a look at my new blog-zine, DREAMCATCHER yet? The readers on my Facebook Fanpage have been helping me to put together some awesome features... maybe you'd like to get involved, too? Click the DREAMCATCHER link on the homepage and find out how to be a part of it all!

April will be a writing month for me, but I will be heading to WALES for a fab event at the CARDIFF CHILDREN'S LITERATURE FESTIVAL on Sunday 13th April... check the EVENTS page for more details! Whoop!

Last but not least, I've finished the edits for SWEET HONEY... just the proofs to check! You can now pre-order SWEET HONEY so you can be one of the first to read it when it comes out on JUNE 5TH. Expect LOTS of drama... and expect the unexpected, too!

Going to drag the dogs out for a walk in the park while this sunshine lasts... what's YOUR favourite thing about spring?


33 Comments on SPRING INTO ACTION!

  • Lizzie, age 12

    Book Day was so fun. I wish it could be ever over week as I love to read :D Enjoy Spring with its pretty flowers and its time to start to get ready for longer days xxx

  • Lucy , age 12-nearly 13!!

    I was at the World Book Day Book Event and met Cathy for the first time, I went a bit starstruck!

  • Manon, age 13

    Wow that adventure ! And I would give anything to meet you ! Plus: I'm going with my class in Wales too! AND AT THE SAME TIME, LIKE YOU! And I had said, and this is what disgusts me : I am French, so I do not have many chances to meet you... but it !! WOW, I'm ... speechless *o*
    ♪ A girl who devours your new posts ♪

  • Anna, age 10

    I am going to New york, for the Spring hols YAY ... my fave thing about Spring is the super cute baby animals !!!

  • sumeya abdi, age 9

    I never got to see u at spring... or ever but I really would like to meet u I love spring It just feels good I know I sound cheesy but we'll it reminds me off good the past,with my brothers tomorrow on Thursday is his birthday WHAT AM I GONNA GET HIM?!! I really need it advice if u can't get to me quick enough that fine u Neva no !;) bye

  • Skye, age 12

    You sound like you have had an amazing time i wish i was there but i am in Scotland!
    I am sooooooo looking forward to Sweet Honey coming out it is going to be AWESOME!!!

  • Anonymous commenter

    Hope u can come 2 my school if u want its ur choice .. but we're all really big fans of u at Woolmore primary school

    ANSWER ASAP:) (Sumeya, the school would have to send me an official request/ invite)

  • Anonymous commenter

    hi cathy! i'm your biggest fan . recently i read coco caramel. it is awesome.i just loveeeeeeeeee the book
    i lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee to read your books .
    i'm looking forward for the next book

  • Chloe, age 13

    I'm waiting for Sweet Honey and Hopes & Dreams.
    Cathy,you are glamorously creative!
    I luv your books so much!

  • Caren, age 11

    yay!! I'm afraid we don't experience spring,cuz I lived in Indonesia :( it must be fun! I SOO CAN'T WAIT FOR SWEET HONEY!!! xD

    Caren xxx

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