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Sunday 16 February 2014

Phew! Unpacking my suitcase after just over two weeks travels around the UK, meeting thousands of fabulous readers on my Coco Caramel paperback tour. I had an epic time, but it's great to be back! 

Big thanks to the AWESOME readers, teachers, librarians and booksellers I met wherever I went - you helped to make it all so cool, whether I was in Lichfield or Lynn Grove, Walsall or Warrington, Bristol, Gloucester, Leeds, Yarm, London and all kinds of places in between! I think it has been my best tour yet, and I feel like the luckiest author ever to have such inspiring, amazing readers. Special thanks to the readers who have given me presents, chocolates, cakes, letters and stories... you're amazing!

If you've never been to a CC signing you can take a sneaky peek behind the scenes over on my new DREAMCATCHER blog-zine, thanks to my first reader-reporters, Morgan and Darcie, who interviewed and photographed readers at my Bristol signing. If you haven't looked at DREAMCATCHER yet, check it out, and send me your ideas for future features. And if YOU want to be a roving reporter or even feature in one of the upcoming posts, let me know!

Have you read my new e-book mini-book, 'Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie's Story' yet? It's only 99p on the amazon Kindle store, so grab it while it's still a pocket-money price! Alfie, our favourite 'most annoying boy in the world' gets to tell his own story, and fans of Summer will find out more about how she's getting on too. 'Chocolates and Flowers' should keep you busy until Sweet Honey comes out on June 5th... don't say I'm not good to you!

Oh, and while I remember... I know there are LOTS of very cool readers out there with panda hats like the one Coco has in Coco Caramel... send me a pic of you wearing your panda hat (or another animal hat, perhaps) and I will post the best in an upcoming issue of DREAMCATCHER mag. What are you waiting for? Fame at last!

See you soon!


52 Comments on HOME AT LAST!

  • fatima, age 13

    already read alfie's story. was great as all cathy's books r. i should know. have read all the books. even short stories. has anyone else has read it? think cathy is gonna do a finsh story as well. wat do u guys think?

  • Laoise, age 13

    Cool! Dreamcatcher is brilliant, thanks Cathy:):):):):)

  • Katie, age 11

    I've read Chocolate and Flowers and can't wait till Sweet Honey comes out. Been following the touring on Instagram and my friends Isabel and Ella also saw you in Leeds.

  • Jess, age 11

    I love coco caramel, can't put it down!

  • simran, age 9

    I really loved coco Carmel and i am looking forwards to sweet honey.

  • Anonymous commenter

    My school was the last you saw. xx ellie

  • Anonymous commenter

    I am currently reading Coco caramel and watched all of the CCTV episode in one day! I am getting the rest of the series for my 12th birthday! I'm so exited!! I'm your biggest fan !

  • Joleigh, age 12

    on the 8th of feb I saw cathy in glos waterstones and I was wearing my panda hat. I have already finished chocolates and flowers and I cant wait for Sweet honey. Honey is just like me and I cant wait to read her story

  • Brianna, age 13

    I haven't read it read it yet because I don't own anything kindle supporting :( But I can't wait till Sweet Honey comes out! I couldn't find any book stores that sold Coco Caramel (I live in Australia) so my school library is ordering it in for me! I can't wait.
    Thank You Cathy for writing such awesome books!!!
    Brianna xx

  • Caren, age 11

    Read Chocolates And Flowers,AWESOME! xxx

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