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Monday 19 September 2011

On Sunday I was lucky enough to meet all 12 finalists for the 2011 My Best Friend Rocks Competition at Puffin Towers in London… It was brilliant to finally meet the girls whose entries had so impressed the other judges and myself! Well done to Felicity, Henrietta, Beth, Naomi, Adia, Mia, Markie, Joelle, Rebecca, Olivia, Olivia G and Yashvi. You were all AWESOME!

This year’s fabulous winners were Markie and Joelle, from Liverpool… well done girls! I’ll try to get the MBFR page updated with some cool pics as soon as I am home from my tour… and you will hopefully be hearing more from ALL the MBFR 2011 girls as they have agreed to help me with a very cool Friendship Project on the website – look out for more info on this over the winter!

Meanwhile, I am in the first week of my cool MARSHMALLOW SKYE book tour, visiting schools and bookstores all around the country. See my EVENTS page for details of where I’ll be – who knows, I may meet you along the way! Looking forward to my public signings in WORTHING, SOUTHAMPTON, READING, BATH, EXETER, LIVERPOOL, SOUTHPORT & WIGTOWN… with DUMFRIES, CARLISLE, KILMARNOCK & NEWCASTLE coming very soon!

I have a rotten cold right now but my readers are cheering me up LOADS… you’re the best!!!


134 Comments on MY BEST FRIEND ROCKS 2011...

  • Hayley

    Aww, hope your cold gets better Cathy! Can't wait to meet you when you come on tour xxx

  • Kairi

    Oh, cathy poor u!! Hope u enjoy touring. Still haven't read Marshmallow Skye though i ordered it feom the library last month!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Nicole

    Cathy,I've read Marshmallow Skye! It was amazing! Reading it for the fourth time now!Wish I can meet you! And by the way, get better loads! Love you! You rock! :D xxxx

  • Shannon

    awww, hope you get better soon Cathy! So excited to meet you at the book signing, my sister and I will come just before 2.30 like you requested, it's going to be awesome! I've got one of my friends, Katie, to come along too, she's a big fan of yours :D can't wait to be a Chocolate Fairy, thanks for picking us. See you soon! :D xXx.
    P.s I haven't yet read Marshmallow Skye :(

  • shannon

    I've got a cold too :( ughhhh!

  • Amira

    Hope you get better Cathy

  • Ruby

    Hey Cathy,
    Well I just wanted to say HOW AWESOME YOU ARE AT WRITING!!!!!!!! all your books are absolutely amazing especially Ginger Snaps it is so good!!!!!!!
    I have read all your books except Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar, the third Daizy Star and Marshmallow Skies (which I have ordered from the library) can"t wait for new books! By the way are you writing any more books like Gingersnaps, Lucky Star, Driftwood, Scarlett, Sundae Girl, Angel Cake and Dizzy? (sorry if I missed out some) and I would love it if you do please :) and can the boys name be Daniel and the girls name Ruby please! :) Love you Lots xxxx
    PS( Love, Peace and chocolate)
    PSS( Please write one about the girl being called Ruby and boy Daniel he's my crush)
    Love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mia

    Poor you Cathy,hope youre cold gets better.I was so lucky to see you in dudley a few months ago and I loved getting my books signed! I love marshmallow skye. Enjoy youre touring! Miakat xxx :-)

  • Erin R

    Aw, hope your cold gets better soon! My friend went to meet you when you were at the HAC in Irvine, and she said Marshmallow Sky is amazing!!!

  • Erin R

    When are the results for the 'Family' writing competition coming out?

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