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Saturday 4 July 2009

Today is National Best Friends’ Day. You might choose to have a pamper party or a picnic, a cake sale or a sleepover. Whatever you do, enjoy spending time with your friends celebrating the power of friendship.

I will be at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly signing books and taking part in lots of friendship celebrations. Come along to join in and for the chance to meet fab new girl band GIRLS CAN’T CATCH and to sign my huge Friendship Charter.

If you can’t make it to London, every single Waterstone’s store is doing something very special – you might just be in for a scrumptious surprise, so pop along and see if you’re a lucky winner!

The main thing is to have an amazing time with your friends! Make sure you send your photos of your celebrations so we can put the best ones up online. Just click here and make sure you put NBFD in the ‘What’s your picture of’ box.

Go for it!
CC x


  • amber

    my best friend means the world to me we have been friends since she was born because our mums are friends we live 2 hrs away from eachother and i miss her a lot!!

  • Ria

    Hi Cathy, my BFFs mean the world to me! I counld not belif it when one moved school I cryed my eyes out! But she missed the school so much she moved back after about 2 or 3 weeks I was ssssoooo happy =o)!One of my best friends has be my friend ever since play school and my other best friend has been my best friend since i started Primary School!Now i'm in yr6 i am going to move up to a difforent school and my bffs are coming with me! i cant wate!I LOVE MY BFFS =O)

  • wuese

    my best friend is awesome ive known her since iwas three were nirly sisters she is always there for me even when i feel i cant trust anyone i can trust her

  • Tasha

    My best mate and I are so alike in some ways but totally different in others! I met her at the start of year 7 and we have been mates since!

  • Zoe Bestel

    Happy National Best Friend's Day everyone. I'm hosting a party this afternoon at my local bookshop. They have decorated the window with bunting and posters. My mum has made cupcakes and we've got lots of goodies to give away. It's going to be fab. We got an article in the local paper yesterday with my photo, so I hope that will get lots of people to come. Will be taking lots of photos for you to see. Have a great day everyone and hi to my bf Emma who won't be able to come coz she's off to Canada on holiday and to my Mum who's fab and always my best friend.

  • Stacey

    My best friendS understand me a lot and they really helped me out when I first moved to this town, since I was new and people didn't know wheather I was cool or weird! But they were always there for me and I wanna say thanks guys!

  • Caitlin

    My best friend is so awesome, she's called Anna and she is very weird but also nice and funny. It's a shame I can't do anything with her today as she's on holiday. My sister is doing something with one of her best friends Kirsty.

  • Megan

    I moved down from scotland 8 years ago and I made lots of new friends. We are not in secondary school and they are still there for me.

  • Eema

    cathy i want to go to london... but i can't and i want to go t waterstones... but you won't be there.. what should i do... will you ever come to northampton for a book signing.
    pls reply
    from your fan eema

  • Megan

    My best friend is awesome!! I bet she doesn't know its National Best Friends Day, so when I see her over the holidays I'll have to tell her!

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