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Friday 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!!! Hope you all have a FABBY 2009… I think it’s going to be amazing! I have three new books coming out in 2009… Daizy Star in June, Angel Cake in May and a third, secret book coming in October… woo!!!! I’m also REALLY looking forward to visiting Singapore, Australia and New Zealand in May…. exciting!!!

My resolutions are:
to be more organized
to eat less chocolate, &
to have more fun!!!

Hopefully I can stick to at least some of them! Reader Alex, age 15, sent in her resolutions, which I thought were really cool… take a look!
1. Find back of phone.
2. Get hair cut.
3. Hand in late coursework (even if it means chaining myself to the desk).
4. Try not to feed Mrs Chant’s geranium Ribena.
5. Get more sleep!
6. Pass grade 6 clarinet.
7. Be a nicer person.
8. Stop loving Nick.
9. Fall in love with someone who loves me back
10. Start living!

So what are YOUR resolutions? Send in your best three resolutions through the link below and I’ll post the best online… and Happy New Year again!

146 Comments on NEW YEAR... NEW YOU???

  • jayde hannah

    wow i will be super quick to buy your new books, i cant wait!!!
    anyway, on chistmas day, like many other children around the uk, i woke up and found that one of my presents was "Ginger snaps" and i finished it in 4 days as i could not put it down! it was brilliant and thank you very much for writing that wonderfull book and also are you doing any signings in devon? i was just wondering because your books are so good!!! In ginger snaps, after i read it, i could relate with ginger in the part when she spit up with shannon as i have recently been through that and it gave me some advice on how to just relax and let it flow and i also would like to say ,the ginger snaps cookies were DELICIOUS!!! (without the onions!!) and a wonerfully happy new year to you too cathy!!
    jayde anderson-walker xxxxxxxxxx

  • Jayde-(again)

    hiya again,
    i just wanted to send in my resulutions!!! remain calm and organised at all times. start baking show my friendly love to other people more. visit the school gym twice a week!! stop fighting with my brother (eeeeekkkkk)
    and finally.... go on more bike rides!!!!
    and one for luck x

  • Connie Luckham

    Hello Cathy,
    I hope you had a great Christmas and a Explosive New Year's Eve!
    I went for a 5 mile walk with our family friends on Scout Scar in Underbarrow, it was an amazing start to the new year!
    We wrapped up really warm and it was so clear and frosty like another world. I hope you have a great New Year,full of fun,organising and less chocolate. Good Luck!
    Here are my resolutions for the New Year!
    1.Spend more time with my rabbit
    2.Do my homework on the night it is set
    3.Work harder for exams
    4.Have more fun!
    5.Help out more
    Thank you for your amazing books that i can relate to and that keep me happy!
    Your 1# Fan!
    Connie Luckham

  • xanthe

    HI!! happi new year!! :):)
    i cant wait till ur books are out!!
    i love ur books!! wen i got them all i finished one whole book every day including the "GINGER SNAPS" one!! xxxxxxx :):)
    Anyway i just wanted to post my resolutions............
    ~~1. stop going for the wrong type of guy
    ~~2.finish writing my book
    ~~3.keep exercise going
    ~~4.get my bff group back together!
    ~~5.leave hair to grow long!!
    xxxxxx :):)!!!! xxxxxxxxxx best wishes 4 2009 !!!!! xxxxxxx ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ xxxxxx xxxxxx

  • Bethan Clothier, 11

    hiya, my only new year resolotion is...
    1. to read all of cathy cassidy's books!!

  • Siobhan

    My resolutions are
    1.Be more confident(i get shy sometimes)
    2. Stop talking in class so much(even if it means i have to selotape my mouth shut OUCH!!!!!) okay if you read the first one properly you will be totally confused.let me explain...with my friends i am soooo hyper and crazy but tell me to stand up in class in front of everyone and its like my body is having an}
    3.Always smile

  • laura mck

    Unfortunately my 1st new years revoultion is to cut down on the amount of time I spent on the computer (sorry cathy but I still will be on your website nearly every day)
    2. Is to write more poetry and stories (watch out cathy ...only joking)
    3.cut down on all the sweets (or else all my teeth are going to fall out....)

    Well hope you all had a great bye from your ireland friend..........Laura xxxx

  • **topperZz**

    my form tutor said i have a lovely smile but that i need to smile more so i guess that should be my resolution!! she also said i need to talk more so is shall!!!
    hope everyone had a fab christmas and new year!!!! x

  • Emma

    I have a lot of resolutions but my main one is stop eating chockies. Yeah, diet! Yuck! I know the feeling Siobhan and I hate being called a geek when I answer correctly like 99.9% of the time! I know, awful yeah?

  • Anneliese

    I have made my resolution too! It is to find a new talent and get involved more in things. I cant wait to buy your new books Cathy!

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